Amanda (26 Oct 2011)
"Please all read"


This is kind of a follow up of my other post about shaking/vibrations the Lord had given me but for a good 2 weeks I have felt a burning in my upper arm/back side.  The burning has gone away but the last time I got the burning my mom ended up in the hospital almost dieing.  So I always feel when He trys communicating something to me like a warning this happens.  

Also the night before October 1st in the evening I got a horrible burning in my throat up to my ears.  I have never had say gastric reflux/heartburn but I had a tomato bisque soup that night with my family and had put the kids to bed sitting by my fireplace about 9 pm and all of a sudden I felt it come up with a burn so bad I almost went to the ER.  By the way, I was bold and tried the soup a few weeks later and that did not happen.  Felt that was the Lord.  

Another thing happened Saturday evening, now men I know you won't understand but to the ladies I could feel a pain/push down there (so sorry to me graphic!) and I immediately knew its the Lord--He will give me a "feeling" which means birth pain!  The next day was the huge earthquake in Turkey.  To add to that back when the dow did its 777.68 drop about 2 days before I felt such a huge strong force like something was pushing out (a baby).  I was so scared I had called my doctors office saying I felt something was about to come out and they ultrasounded me on Rosh Hashanna that year and everyting checked out fine.  

I know it sounds crazy but He will speak to me this way!   I have never pushed a baby out because I have had 2 c-sections for my boy and girl, so I have no idea how to have that "feeling".  

He's so close......

Love to all,