Amanda (14 Oct 2011)
""11" - words from the Lord"

I must post because the Lord in no way is telling me to wait for 2012 or beyond.  In spring of 2010 I asked the Lord if the rapture would happen in 2010 or 2011 and He answered with "11".  So last night (October 12) I asked Jesus okay Lord will the rapture happen in 2012 or 2011 and He answered me with that still small voice "11".  We only have less that 3 months left.   I wrote it down a few weeks ago but the Lord said to me "the time has come" and said it with GREAT urgency.  

I know we are all growing weary with this sick world and even (at least for me) personal family members have been attacking me.  I was thinking about it yesteday in my kitchen wow....I'm ready but have to admit scared too!  This is really about to happen and people will be so unaware as to what just happenned.  Jesus back in June of 2009 said to me "people will say where are you".  Wow!   

Hold on......not too much longer!