Amanda (13 Oct 2011)
"For:  Julie M and ALL DOVES TO READ" all I can say as I felt the Holy Spirit all over me as I read Five Doves this morning.  Julie when I read your to visions I could relate because the Lord will give me this pulling feel up almost like a floating/vacumn up feel!  I especially was feeling it right before I read your post...AMAZING and double confirmation.  As of recently I have been having a vibrate/shake feel to me which reminded me of what you felt.  I keep getting a slight burn to my upper back arm (which I'm not to sure if that's Him).  The Lord is really showing me its SUPER SOON!  He's almost being quiet and not giving me any feeling that its a few years away but this year.  

Hold on tight to our Saviour.  He's been giving me wedding dreams and with each dream the wedding ceremony is continued. For example a few months back I would know my wedding was near and I would be trying to get dressed for it and ready.  A month ago I was heading down the aisle and a week ago I saw myself in the dress married.  I feel He's showing me how close we are.  

Waiting for that trumpet call although when I asked the Lord 2 weeks ago for a rapture clue anything He answered with a long sounding piano key noise.  Wondering if that's what we will hear.  Just from some dream warnings back in 2008 the Lord showed me that we will witness something devastating (I could hear huge boms going off hitting) and then we are raptured.  Keep watching for HE IS COMING!