Alan Clark (6 Oct 2011)
"'Courageous' -Awesome Story!"


Church produced film 'Courageous' lights up box office on opening weekend

Courageous' Grosses Fourth At Weekend Box Office

October 04, 2011

The Christian-themed film, "Courageous," opened in just 1,161 theaters this past weekend. According to, "Courageous" sits in the fourth position for the weekend with gross revenues of just over $9 million. It is a movie meant to inspire fathers to not leave their families, to love their children, to not fail. "Courageous," depicts four police officers who share a commonality both as fathers and in their effort to become better ones. Alex Kendrick, who co-writes with his brother Steven, says, "The reason we put it in a law enforcement setting was that, as you know, a motto from law enforcement is to serve and protect, and then we drew a correlation to what a father is supposed to do." "We drew that correlation and said, 'Wouldn't it be interesting if we put this in the context of police officers who are also dads, and they may be heroic on the streets but it also takes courage to be a great dad - not just a good enough dad.'"