Ray (28 Nov 2021)
"The significance of Sivan 27"

John and Doves,

The significance of Sivan 27.

Noah"s flood begins on 17th of second month. It rains fourty days and fourty nights. The rain stops on the 27th of third month. This is God's first global judgment in human history. It makes sense God resumes the global judgment on human on the 27th of third month. This time is known as 7 years tribulation. But since God changes the first month to Nisan after Exodus, the 27th of third month has become Sivan 27.

 From my calculation of 430 years iniquity of Israel and Judah, I have 430 years ended on Pentecost May 20 2029.Subtract 2520 days from Pentecost 2029, I have rapture and tribulation on Sivan 27  June 26 2022, which God shall use to resume His judgment on human due to their unrepentance.

17th of 2nd month Noah's flood begins-------- 40 days and nights ---------rain stops on 27th of third month 

Sivan 27 God resumes the global judgment by calling the church home, which triggers the second global judgment.