Ray (28 Nov 2021)
"Pentecost 2029"

John and Doves,

I have Daniel 9:24 all the 6 objectives achieved on Pentecost 2029. My guess is God shall descend from heaven to partake this Pentecost feast held by Jesus. Pentecost 2029 should wrap up the 2520 days of tribulation.

There are two harvests under the seven feasts of the Lord. The first harvest is first fruit, while the second harvest is Pentecost.  Jesus came and died and resurrected in the first fruit.  Because of Israel's hardening, gospel spread to the gentiles instead. I believe this is the first harvest. Pentecost speaks of the second harvests. On Pentecost 2029 we shall see the biggest harvest of souls in human history, that is, Jews and gentiles all come together to Christ.