Ray (28 Nov 2021)
"Two events preceding to rapture"

John and Doves,

If I see Vatican chooses Cardinal Peter Erdo as their next Pope, and the three shepherds war breaks out in April or May next year, I go all in for June 26 2022 rapture. Cardinal Peter Erdo's birthday does look suspicious, because he is born on June 25 1952. By June 26 2022, it fits the criteria "at the end of 70 years " in Isaiah 23:15.

June 25 1953 is the end of 1st year, June 25 1954 is the end of 2nd year, June 25 1955 is the end of 3rd year, ........June 25 2022 is the end of 70 years.

A quick reminder here. I got June 26 Sivan 27 2022 by subtracting 2520 days from Pentecost May 20 2029.