Ray (28 Nov 2021)
"No extra days in 7 years tribulation"

John and Doves,

It's my final conclusion that no extra days are given in Daniel's last week. It is meant to be 2520 days. Jesus cuts short those days by returning 50 days earlier on 2470th day. This is why he says in Revelation 16:15 his coming shall be like a thief in the night, because majority expect him to come back at the end of 2520 days. Take my timeline for example. 

Rapture June 26 2022. ------- 2520 days -------- Pentecost May 20 2029

Jesus cuts short these day by returning to Jerusalem on Nisan 15 March 31 2029 which is 2470th day.

I believe this is why he gives 1290 days to the Jews waiting for his return. Without 1290 days, Jews have no clue when shell their Messiah Jesus return. Is he returning 7 years after June 26 2022 , on June 26 2029, or 2520 days after June 26 2022 on May 20 2029?

By giving 1290 days to the Jews, they know  their Messiah Jesus shall return on and around April 5 2029 which is the end of 1290 days. 



Rosh Hashana Sept 23 2025 ------ 1290 days -------- April 5  Nisan 20 2029