Ray (28 Nov 2021)
"How long is old testament period? Part 1."

John and Doves,

Before I begin, let's calculate where are we now since Adam.

To begin my thought, let's find out in which year Exodus took place.

1 Kings 6 And it came to pass in the four hundred and eightieth year after the children of Israel were come out of the land of Egypt, in the fourth year of Solomon's reign over Israel, in the month Zif, which is the second month, that he began to build the house of the LORD.

Solomon began his reign in 969 BC. His fourth year is 965 BC. 965 BC was also the 480th year since they left Egypt. 966 BC was the 479th year, 967 BC was the 478th year.....1444 BC was the first year they left Egypt.

Exodus 12:40 Now the sojourning of the children of Israel, who dwelled in Egypt, was four hundred and thirty years.

Now that we know Exodus took place in 1444 B.C. If we can put together this 430 years gap into 1444 B.C., then we should know where we are since Adam. I have attached a commentary from Benson.

Benson commentary:

Exodus 12:40. Who dwelt in Egypt Or sojourned. We must observe, that it is not said, The sojourning of the children of Israel in Egypt was four hundred and thirty years; but the sojourning of the children of Israel, who dwelt in Egypt That is, the sojourning of the Israelitish nation, from the time that Abraham left his native country to sojourn in Canaan, to the release of his posterity, who were long sojourners in Egypt, was four hundred and thirty years.

End of quote

I agree with Benson except I believe the sojourning of children of Israel in Canaan begin with Jacob's birth. God only sees Jacob and his descendants are the children of Israel, not Abraham nor Isaac because they also begat Ishmael and Esau. And God has also changed the name of Jacob to Israel.

From Adam to birth of Abraham, there are 1948 years. Abraham begat Isaac when he was 100 years old. So Isaac was born in year 2048. Isaac begat Jacob when he was 60 years old. So Jacob was born in year 2108 after Adam. And I believe 2108 is the year sojourning of children of Israel in Canaan began.

And from Exodus 12:40 we learn that the number of years of their sojourning in Canaan and their time spent in Egypt is 430 years. Here is the calculation.

Adding 430 years to 2108, we come to 2538 years from Adam. Exodus took place in this year, and year 2538 also happened to be 1444 BC. To calculate the years we are from Adam, we have the following,

2538 +1444 BC + 2020 (2021 -1, there is no 0 in AD) = 6002

We are 6002 years since creation of Adam. Giving the fact that we don't know the exact month and the exact day Adam and his descendants were born, this is an approximate calculation, could be varied by 2 years. Any way, I believe 6000 years is over. Next shall come the millennium. But before that, God shall unleash 7 years tribulation in order to find out who is worthy to enter the millennium.

Here's the calculation of old testament period.

Let's calculate the year of Exodus. Solomon began his reign in 969 BC. In his fourth year which was 965 BC, he began to build the temple. 965 BC was also the 480th year since Israelis left Egypt. 965 BC was 480th year, 966 BC was 479th year, 967 BC 478th year,....1444 BC the 1st year they left Egypt. Exodus occurred in 1444 BC.

From my thread " Where are we now since Adam" , I have calculated the year Israelis left Egypt occurred in year 2538 from Adam. 

1444 BC is year 2538 from Adam.

Abraham was born in 1948. From Genesis 12:4,   God called Abraham when he was 75 years. This event took place in year 2023 since Adam (1948+75).  Abraham responded by departing out of Haran. This is the beginning of old testament, the history of Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, Joseph, twelve tribes, their sojourning in Canaan, Egypt,   Moses, conquer of Canaan under Joshua, 12 judges, Saul, David, Solomon, kings of Israel and Judah, ..... unto Jesus. 

Let's convert year 2023 into BC. 

1444 BC = 2538 from Adam. 2538 - 2023= 515 years. Adding 515 years to 1444 BC, we have 1959 BC as the year Abraham departed out of Haran. 1959 BC is the year old testament began.

Jesus was crucified in 32 AD. 32 AD is the end of old testament, 32 AD is also the beginning of new testament. 
Between 1959 BC and 32 AD, there are 1990 years ( 1959 + 32 -1). The length of old testament is 1990 years. If God places an equal period  for new testament era, then 2022 is the end of new testament era ( 1990 + 32 AD ).

1959 BC Abraham departed out of Haran, beginning of old testament------------1990 years -----------32 AD Jesus' crucifixion, end of old testament, beginning of new testament-------1990 years --------------2022 AD, end of new testament era. End of church era. God unleashes 7 years tribulation to find who's worthy to enter the millennium kingdom, including the Jews.

As we can see, if God calls the church home in 2022, and puts an end to Age of Grace in 2022, then God does place an equal period for the  old testament era and new testament era. They both are 1990 years.

From my previous post, I have calculated two equally period of old testament and new testament. They both are 1990 years if God calls the church home in 2022, and ends the church era. If this is the case, let's go deeper to see God's motive behind this 1990 years design.

When both periods are 1990 years, it speaks of God's fairness to the Jews and to the gentiles believers represented by the church. His love to the Jews and the church are the same, because He gives two equally time and period to both of them to repent. Jews shouldn't be jealous to the gentiles believers/the church, and the church shouldn't be jealous at the Jews either. God is so amazing. He uses two equally dispensation to speak of His love and fairness toward the Jews and the church. God treats both of them the same. There is no Jews greater than the church or vice versa. God's love to them is the same.