Nando (28 Nov 2021)
"Was Cristobal Colon the man who discovered the Americas a Christian Jew?"

More than 20 years ago I was given the book Las Profecias de Cristobal Colon. That book was facinating as this article is.
It went into much more details into the prophecies in the Bible that motivated Colon to embark in the discovery. It also covered his other trips that followed.
He left Spain on the 9 of AV according to that book on the same day the Temple was destroyed and on the same day the expilsion edict was made foe all the Jews in Spain.
Today I believe that Fernando and Isabel were acting on purpose when they made this edict tp fall on the 9th of Av. At the time the Catholic church believed the Jews were responsible for the death of Jesus and were therefore persecuted.
Colon was a student of Bible prophecy and therefore new the real story of the role of Israel and the Jews for the redemption of the world, The Kings of Spain became tools of Satan for the destruction of Abraham's promise by God of the Kingdom.
Most if not all of the crew of the three boats were Jews fleeing the King's expulsion edict. It is also true that the money for the expedition was made possible from rich Jewish people.

Was Christopher Columbus Jewish? Did he really study Bible prophecy and long for Jerusalem to be liberated from Muslim rule?
Was Christopher Columbus (1451-1506) Jewish? Itís an interesting question, especially since the historical record is crystal clear that the explorer who discovered America and the New World in 1492 considered himself a devout Christian.