Garry B (28 Nov 2021)


The Scriptures speak of TWO tribulations : God's  SHORT tribulation judgment  upon ONLY the Nation of Israel, JUST BEFORE His GREAT Tribulation  judgment comes upon 

the whole world. The following Scriptures speak of God's  SHORT tribulation  judgment upon ONLY the Nation of Israel which is the Gog-Magog War:

Ezekiel 38:16

"And thou shall come up against My people OF ISRAEL. It shall be IN THE LATTER DAYS that I WILL BRING THEE, O' GOG ,  AGAINST MY LAND that the GENTILES may know me when I shall be sanctified in thee, O' GOG, BEFORE THEIR EYES." ( This Scripture plainly states that the  Gog-Magog War against Israel is A VISUAL SIGN "BEFORE THE EYES" OF THE GENTILES "IN THE LATTER DAYS" )

Matthew 24:21-22

"For there shall be A GREAT TRIBULATION  such as was  not since the beginning of the world to this  time, no, nor ever shall be. And except THOSE DAYS SHOULD BE SHORTENED , but for THE ELECT'S sake THOSE DAYS SHALL  BE SHORTENED."

Mark 13:19-20

"For IN THOSE DAYS SHALL BE AFFLICTION such as was not from the beginning of the creation which God created unto this time, neither shall  be.  And except that THE LORD  HAD SHORTENED THOSE DAYS no flesh should be saved, but for THE ELECT'S sake, whom He has chosen, HE HAS SHORTENED THE DAYS."

The "FLESH" of "THE ELECT"  being "SAVED"  in the two above Scriptures is Jewish flesh ONLY, and NOT THE CHURCH. The Body of Christ Church is spoken of in Matthew 24:31 and in Mark 13:27 as "HIS ELECT"  being "GATHERED TOGETHER" on THE DAY of the resurrection/rapture. The "FLESH" of "HIS ELECT" Church is not "SAVED" at the resurrection/rapture, but  rather the "FLESH" of "HIS ELECT" Church is changed to glorified bodies so that we,  the Body of Christ Church, can enter into the Kingdom of Heaven. Flesh and blood cannot enter into heaven.

The Hebrew Woman in the wilderness is  "THE ELECT" being saved in the flesh on earth according to : Revelation  12:6 and 12:14.

The following Scripture reveals just how long THE SHORTENED TRIBULATION upon Israel is according to :

Revelation 2:10

".....and ye SHALL HAVE TRIBULATION  TEN  DAYS ,  be thou faithful unto death, AND I WILL GIVE THEE A CROWN OF LIFE."


AFTER  the TEN DAY SHORT TRIBULATION  upon Israel ONLY, ie. the Gog-Magog War,  the resurrection/rapture will occur because that is THE ONLY DAY on which  the CROWN OF LIFE is given. Therefore, the  TEN DAY Gog-Magog War, which God will bring against Israel, is our VISUAL SIGN that our resurrection/rapture is  near according to :

Luke 21:28

"When YOU SEE these things  BEGIN to come to pass, THEN LOOK UP and lift up your heads because YOUR REDEMPTION ( the redemption of our bodies, ie, resurrection /rapture ) DRAWS NEAR."

The resurrection/rapture happens AFTER God's short tribulation upon Israel  ONLY, but BEFORE the Great Tribulation comes upon THE WHOLE WORLD.  Jesus said,  "I come quickly." 

According to Your Holy Word , come Lord Jesus !