Fay (28 Nov 2021)
"Crystal Clear Prophecy"


Hi John and Doves,

It has now become crystal clear that sides have formed. The die-hard "get a vaccine now" crowd and the people who refuse. This entire debacle is separating the human race. Not in real life, you understand. It's all a media construct. Most of us go about our daily lives without even thinking about covid too much....until it comes to travel restrictions, that is. I cannot speak for the rest of the world but this is the reality in the UK. Our main concerns are the stupefying amounts of refugees landing on our shores from France. Another media construct - but they have the photos to prove it. Our government's seeming inability to stop these migrants getting to our shores is simply gobsmacking. Please take avid note that not a single one of these "refugees" arrive with masks on. And none of them are equipped with vaccine certificates with proof of a primary jab followed by all the boosters. In a world where the governments are "frantic with worry" about the spread of a virus, you would think that so-called refugees would be handled with hazmat suits and kid gloves. This is not so. Instead -the UK tax-paying citizens have been reduced to lock-downs and looming mandates. Paying through the nose to house, feed and clothe said refugees. Any questions asked will render one a bigot or racist or hard-hearted monster. Common sense questions will not be tolerated.

It must be the same feeling our American friends get when viewing news from the southern border with Mexico. If the media are to be fully believed - we, the tax paying people - are standing from afar - helpless and bemused. If we relied on our governments, we would also feel helpless and bemused. But, God!

The purpose of this post is to emphasise where we are now. Good and evil are now easier to recognise. Instead of being confused by media obfuscation and word worms - we are now able to view the wood for the trees. Things are no longer complicated. It has all become obvious. One is either a trouble maker or one is concerned with the welfare of others. As simple as. One is either a believer or one is not.

Our governments and power elites are destroying the very fabric of society. They have been at it for decades. Believers are not fooled. Others are.

We have arrived at the crossroads. No question! We either integrate ourselves with the party line or we do not. We either continue to fall for the fake doctrine of the established (and VERY rich) church - or we do not. The lines are clear now. Our beloved LORD Jesus is coming soon.

Doubt it not!