Fay (28 Nov 2021)
"Watch This for an Eye Opener"


This speaks VOLUMES, Doves. A short clip in the link below. Just over 3 minutes run-time.

The Australians came out in their tens of thousands to protest the vax mandates. Wonderful to see. But, my point is a different one. ALL these people are mingling together with hardly a mask in sight. If this "virus" and it's many variants was such a threat to the human race, people would be dropping like flies. Scenes of people dying in the street would be the norm if this threat was real. Really think about it. Dan Andrews has kept the Victoria, Melbourne population locked down for a cripplingly long time. The Australian people obeyed and endured....until all the contradictions started kicking in. The elites flying their private jets to "fight climate change" in Scotland. Not a mask in sight. They don't get locked down or subjected to horrendous travel nightmares. Obama's birthday bash. Huge sports events now taking place etc. Nothing makes any sense when we look at the big picture. Because even though we are all mingling together, there are zero scenes of people dropping dead in their thousands. YET - we are all continuously threatened by some shadowy virus that supposedly threatens our very existence.

It is obviously a blatant con!

We are living in an authoritarian nightmare where our leaders have sold their souls to the devil.