Fay (28 Nov 2021)
"The British Fauci."


Dr. Chris Whitty. The guy has given me the creeps from the get-go. He NEVER blinks. I watch him and shudder. He is quiet and mild-mannered but check out his eyes. Plus the scare-mongering these Fauci (Faustus?) types have promoted. Even the most gullible of human's are slowly waking up to this giant con. 3 jabs and still no freedom? Come on! They can make up "variants" until the cows come home. Gotta keep that big pharma money earner rolling ! I imagine that they are, thus far, delighted with their success. But, it's never enough for these lovers of money and power. They will milk this machine until it's broken.

And while they are splurging this garbage fear-mongering in the media, the likes of the COP26 shindig and Obama's birthday bash just keep happening. Such blatant contradictions - yet they would still have us believe that the human race is in imminent danger. It's all such a NONSENSE!

Please scroll down the article and watch the short clip with Chris Whitty. He doesn't blink !! Is he human - one is tempted to ask?