Fay (28 Nov 2021)
"This is Sinister"


Hi John and Doves,

This story out of Australia is deeply disturbing. They can cover it with perfume, lipstick, ribbons and bows and talk all they want about how "benign" this all is but the fact remains is that they are putting people into internment camps. If the Australian people tolerate this, there is no way back. I fully expect other world governments to fully condemn this. I won't hold my breath!

In the 2nd link is another story about Australia. They are forcing mask wearing mandates throughout the Christmas period. This article is very much worth reading. It does make one wonder just who is making pots of money out of mask sales in Australia. Some pathetic big-wig, one imagines. As you know - it has been proven that masks do diddly squat except cow and humiliate us. The masks have created huge waste and pollution and are de-humanising. As the title of the article states - this latest mandate has been authorised by controlling bureaucrats.

I have noticed that the western countries that are run by Labour aka Democrats are the countries that are being bullied and locked down the most. These lefty luvvies are born bureaucrats - born bullies and born idiotic. Destroying the economics and fabric of our once good societies.

Please come, LORD Jesus.