Fay (28 Nov 2021)
"World Governments Imploding?"


This is a very important question, in view of what we are witnessing. In the link is an article about the recent antics of the UK Prime Minister and his cabinet. I realise that UK politics will be a yawn fest for Americans but I believe you will all be interested in the gist of what this article is saying.

Boris Johnson recently gave a speech where he bizarrely rambled on about the Peppa Pig cartoon. He lost his place in his speech notes - fumbling and bumbling in spectacular fashion. The article quotes a supporter of Boris, who compared Bojo to Tigger - the bouncy, hyperactive tiger from Winnie the Pooh !! He obviously thought this would excuse the PM's bizarre behaviour. WHAT? Couple this debacle with the expensive joke that the COP26 was and we've got a very clear picture of our lunatic government.

Mr Biden has clearly lost the plot. Bojo is in the midst of losing said plot. The Australian government has gone over to the dark side. They all appear to be losing their marbles. I haven't even mentioned Trudeau or Jucinda Adhern but you get the picture. None of them appear "sound of mind". Are they being sent mad as a result of their greedy evil?

Almighty God is always fully in total control.