Fay (28 Nov 2021)
"An Odd Pattern Emerges."


Hi John and Doves,

Last week I posted a link about the UK banning Hamas in it's entirety and labelling it a terrorist organisation. A 2nd link showed how Hamas, Hezbollah and Iran are deeply connected to each other. Today - Wednesday November 24th - Australia has declared Hezbollah a terrorist organisation !! Now - this pattern is new and one has to ask....why now? It has always been obvious that these organisations are terrorist and destructive. Yet the world has always ignored that obvious fact. Hot on the heels of the UK banning Hamas, Australia is now banning Hezbollah !!

Whilst it all sounds like good news...common sense prevailing etc., there is obviously something afoot. What makes it VERY suspicious is that the Biden administration are still desperate to revive the nuclear deal with Iran. The JCPAO agreement. As we know that Hamas, Hezbollah and Iran are intimately intertwined with each other, a huge contradiction has presented itself. Australia and the UK are in sync while the USA is still trying to get Iran onside ?? Something ain't right. Methinks a false narrative has been presented. Designed to obfuscate and confuse.

A question I reluctantly ask myself .....what concessions have the Israeli government had to make? The UK and Australia suddenly declaring two powerful proxies of Iran as persona non grata ? Giving no particular reason for the sudden declaration - they have not done this for nothing. I am fairly convinced there is some nefarious quid pro quo going on here. I ask again - What have the Israeli government conceded in order to receive these welcome announcements? Having a fair idea, by now, of how these globalists operate, we would do well to watch for a shocking announcement from Israel soon. An announcement that will please the globalists and horrify Christians.

Please come, LORD Jesus. Please bring peace to Jerusalem.