Fay (28 Nov 2021)
"Jean Stepnoski re Hanukkah"


Hello Jean,

I was so happy to see you posting about Hanukkah. You have written so beautifully about Hanukkah for many years now. Your wisdom and insight into this special Feast Of Dedication has few rivals. We are very blessed to have you share your insights.

The clip in the link will thrill you, Jean. And all the Doves. Filmed in 2012, Rabbi Jonathan Cahn talks about Hanukkah with amazing scriptural insight. A few quotes:- Hanukkah holds the most precise information of what is going to happen in the end times. Hanukkah is only celebrated in the New Testament - by Jesus Himself! It is not mentioned in the Old Testament but is acknowledged history. It happened !! No question.

Messiah Jesus celebrated Hanukkah in John 10. It was winter. Our LORD Jesus stated that, "My sheep know my voice".

I found this clip to be most exciting.

May God Bless you, Jean. And all the Doves.