Elliot Hong (21 Nov 2021)
"8 Reasons Why Total Solar Eclipse of December 4 Should Be Watched Closely"

Dear Doves:

1) In the previous letter, the importance of Super Blood Moon/Total Lunar Eclipse on 5/26 was presented.
     In 14 days from it, Annular Solar Eclipse appeared on 6/10.
     14 means Salvation, and Annular Solar Eclipse represents the wedding ring.
     We all watched closely the longest Partial Lunar Eclipse of the 21st century on 11/19.
     In 14 days from it, Total Solar Eclipse appears on 12/4.
     Genesis 41:32 can be applied for this pattern.
     And it's 177 days from Annular Solar Eclipse on 6/10 to Total Solar Eclipse on 12/4.

2) 12/4 is the new moon of Tevet which was the month when Esther was chosen as the Queen.
     The prophecy of the new moon which is written in Colossians 2:16-17 must be fulfilled.
     Could "in the top of it's phase" be the new moon after all?

3) Cheshvan 17 of Genesis 7:11 this year was 10/23, and it's 42 days from 10/23 to 12/4.
     42 means Advent.

4) Fay interpreted the refloating of Ever Given as the birth of the Firstfruits in the near future.
     It's 250 days from 3/29 to 12/4, and 250 is 50x5.

5) If "the midnight cry" is heard on 12/4, 3 days from it is the 12/7 which is the third day, the wedding day at Cana.
     And it fits to Charity's vision.

6) Only those who prepare their temples holy will marry the Lord. 
     It fits to the theme of Hanukkah which is the feast of Light and Dedication.

7) According to the teaching of Zola Levitte, 8 feasts are exactly matched with each major stages of Human Gestation.
     And Hanukkah, the 8th feast represents the Birth.

8) If the Remnant will witness for 40 days from 12/8, it comes to Tu B'Shevat which is The New Year of Trees.
     12/8 is Tevet 4 which fits $2.34.

It's possible that something big could occur as the final birth pangs before Thanksgiving Day or Black Friday.
Hopefully this scenario becomes a reality this time.