Chance (28 Nov 2021)
"Iran's Nuclear Program"

Hello John and Doves,
This article states that "Iran is closer than ever to a nuclear bomb, and could have one finished within a month, N12 reported on Friday evening, following the release of a British intelligence report."
..."However, according to a senior Israeli official, Iran is still lacking the ability to mount the bomb onto a ballistic missile, something which will take them at least two years to achieve."
Iran one month away from achieving nuclear weapon - report - The Jerusalem Post
November 26, 2021

Israel Sees Iran Getting an Atomic Bomb in Five Years, Deal Or No Deal |
November 24, 2021
So is it one month or five years?
Really?  Iran doesn't need to 'reinvent the wheel'.  Iran has worked with North Korea for years - and NK has nuclear bombs. Iran has close ties to China.  China has nuclear bombs.  Iran could have bought a nuclear bomb.  With all the years of their centrifuging, high altitude missile tests, missile research and development, hiding their weapons program like a shell game....they are STILL 'one month away'?  They STILL haven't produced enough enriched uranium?  
For YEARS, literally YEARS we heard from Israel/the world that Iran was "six months away from having a nuclear bomb".  I think we're all way past this.  Iran has probably had nuclear bombs for years.  
And saying that Iran "lacks the ability to mount" said bomb on a missile...oh, please - the mounting brackets can probably be purchased on Amazon.
Excuse me....but this reporting on 'Iran close to getting a nuclear bomb' is getting really old.
I certainly hope that Israel has the REAL intelligence on Iran's nuclear capabilities.
Zechariah 5 tells us about a "fire" (miss understood as "woman"?) placed in a basket with a heavy lead cover...the angel calls this "wickedness"..a scroll flies up like a stork between the earth and heaven with the dimensions similar to an is very destructive and has a base in Babylonia.  It is a 'curse over the face of all the land'.  Sounds like a nuclear missile.....
The Bible predicts nuclear war.
Pray for the peace of Jerusalem!
Woman in the verses makes no sense.  Fire makes sense.
 אֵשׂ  fire
 אִשָּׁה woman
The Hebrew word for woman is ishah, spelled aleph, shin heh.  Remove the heh and, once again, you have esh, meaning fire.