Chance (28 Nov 2021)
"Dr. Igor Shepherd Interview"

Hello John and Doves,
Early this year I wrote a letter to Doves about a talk that Dr. Igor Shepherd gave to the organization, "Keep Colorado Open and Free".  Dr. Shepherd is a former U.S.S.R. military doctor and WMD expert.  He is a former employee of the state of Wyoming Health Department where he worked with Wyoming on WMD preparedness and the state's response to Covid-19.  What he said in this talk about America was indeed prophetic...
I came across a recent interview that Tammy Garcia had with him - the podcast is available through an Amazon account.  Very much worth the time to listen to him talk.
For those who are interested and would rather read my notes - or for those who don't have an Amazon account - I've added my notes to this letter.
My notes:
Dr. Shepherd spoke out against this vaccine in November 2020 (see my Doves letter from January)...said it looked like how the Soviet Union made bioweapons.  And he was quite vocal about the vaccine being a "biological weapon of mass destruction."  Of course, the CDC didn't like hearing that and he got canned from his job with state of Wyoming Health Department.
He said that Obama is a TRUE COMMUNIST.  (With Dr. Shepherd saying this - I have to believe that he would know - having lived under Communism in the USSR.)
He said that the Wyoming Health Department was run by a lawyer, and Igor's direct boss was IT.  No one in his health dept had a medical background of any kind...yet they were all known by name by the CDC.
The vaccine is the CDC's baby - keep your hands off.
((I would bet every state/county health dept (or most) are controlled by the CDC - and have CDC approved people running those departments.))
He said we are in a war - "soft killing"
The vaccine changes your DNA and is a bioweapon. 
China wants to be number 1.  
China is big in Canada.  Very influential.
China practically runs the UN today - and the WHO.  Very infiltrated.
Why have we been buying things, for decades, from China- a Communist nation?
The world will be a very, very dark place.
Globalism is moving like a speeding train towards us.
THE SYSTEM is already in place in the U.S.  This has nothing to do with Biden.  Crucial agencies in the government have already been taken over.  Almost all, if not all, have been infiltrated.  ((I have written much about this to Doves.))
He saw people willing to follow government agencies without questioning them....with short drug/vaccine trials, no trials, and nobody questions this.  Just do what they are told to do.  Their only concern was how do we stick this needle into people in mass in the U.S. 
Dr. Shepherd said this made him very questions about side effects, etc.....all was to twist Americans minds into taking one meeting they talked about using churches to manipulate people into taking this...
They were looking for sources that people trust to use to push the vaccine...he compared this to Soviet Union...where churches were packed with KGB...becoming the same here in our Christian nation.
We are declining spiritually very fast...prayers were removed from schools in the U.S....decades later...we've declined so much more.
Undeniable to all people of the world, even in Communist countries, that God blessed America ...once.  People wanted to come to America...for the American dream.  Americans here don't see this...Leftists/communists/liars in office.  Population that is passive... they might have to DO something.  Questions require actions.  Americans just talk and talk.
To save this nation - THE TALK NEEDS TO BE OVER.
He was investigated after that talk he gave for the Colorado organization - he felt like he was in the KGB office.  They removed him pretty quickly from his Covid response job.
Wyoming was preparing alternative care camps  - he knows this.  He said the same thing in Colorado.
I found this in Colorado:

Alternative care site update on operational dates | Colorado COVID-19 Updates

(I think these could be converted to holding sites for the unvaccinated.)

He didn't see a lot of people with Covid in Wyoming. He found so much disturbing about this pandemic.
60 million plus people had influenza a few years ago, 2009...nothing from the CDC or Fauci then.  No masks, no social distancing.  Fauci was in his same NIH position then too. Not a peep about this dangerous pandemic - much more lethal.
U.S. and Canada has done a lot of research using genetic modified viruses. For 'building vaccines' - especially research on Coronaviruses and Influenzas... They don't need this to make simple vaccines.  In 2017 they stopped the moratorium on coronavirus research.  They have built 4 mutated coronaviruses - he calls weaponized coronaviruses.   potential pandemic viruses - PPV.  
This research was aggressively pursued...need very pathogenic and much more contagious viruses to build vaccines against them.  Why build these viruses?  
Russia has tricked people into thinking they are making vaccines....they are building bioweapons.  To kill all Americans
Now research is for genetically modifying human DNA.
1.5% mortality is 'minuscule' - and for children, it's almost nothing.
This is all connected to the Great Reset.
On the Pfizer, Moderna, etc websites:  they state that these vaccines will not reach the nucleus of the cell and can't affect your DNA.  This is not true.
Vaccinated people's immune system is being destroyed...  resulting in super immunity.
Fauci compared to Mengele.  Fauci did a lot of research on AIDS and HIV. He doesn't care about people.  He doesn't care about children.  He's waffled on everything he's said.  Except pushing the vaccine.  He's part of the inner circle.  Lots of shady connections with China.
(similar to the numbers I am coming across and have written about to Doves)
In 2018, Fauci tried to push flu vaccines.
This is about the New World Order...this is more than evil vs good - it's about G-d Vs Lucifer.  Lucifer is the father of lies. How can we deal with people like this???  They will not change.
the good people always are behind the curve...they are ALWAYS a target by the evil government.
He is concerned about the passive leaders bring them closer to the a train with no brakes...and it's heading towards a cliff...and people are just busy with their lives....
Mandatory vaccines in the U.S. in businesses...centralized government is doing this.
People can turn this UNITY.  That's all we have is our numbers.  We need a grass roots movement of UNITY.
Dr. Shepherd said he can't go back to what he had before or he'll loose his soul.
What is the RED LINE???  Biden is loosing patience with the unvaccinated.
The Great Reset is coming.  THIS SYSTEM IS ALREADY IN PLACE.  With the bankers, etc..coming in stages.  The blueprint for all of this is China..everything there is coming here.  They can't wait to end the West's way of life.  THEY are just waiting.  China, the U.N., global government...we don't know all the names.
He is hoping and praying that this vaccine will be like a nuclear bomb some day in the U.S....the effects of this vaccine...ADE, etc....truly unimaginable what is happening - to wake people up.   China, Russia etc are not taking the mRNA vaccine.  Yet, Chinese researchers involved in the making of this vaccine...all connected to the Chinese military - military vaccine.  They are our enemies.  Chinese fingerprints are everywhere.
This vaccine is a biological weapon.  
How do we wake people up?  Dr. Shepherd says prayer.  The churches are in denial - they are blind and don't understand what is happening...and they support the development of THIS SYSTEM.  They are the Judas Iscariots.  Franklin Graham included for telling people to take this.
Babies will be dyng in 6 to 8 months.
He talked about a military style psyop in Wyoming.  When he was in Covid 19 response..almost all contact tracing was done by military.  Military sponsored all mRNA technology...
Moderna worked with DARPA...this is genocide.  Open genocide.
Some day it will not be silent.  And people wake up.  WHEN THE REALIZATION COMES IT WILL BE SIMPLY TO LATE.  
UN troops are mostly Chinese.
When Communistic Regimes are working ..Communists will lie and cover up what they are doing.  This is what happened in Wuhan.
He believes that the SARS-CoV-2 virus DOES NOT EXIST.  It has NEVER BEEN ISOLATED>
It is almost identical to SARS-CoV-1 virus. 
China gave the genetic sequence for the vaccine.  No one else.  The vaccines were made from this Chinese sequence.  And these companies, Moderna, Pfizer, AZ, JJ copied this for their mRNA vaccines
What's out there could be a Covid SARS 1.
Lots of people are sick now - due to the vaccine.  A direct result of the vaccine.  But it's not a vaccine at all.
There is no time left, really.  It should have been yesterday.
(end notes)
Things have gotten much worse in America - Dr. Shepherd told us this would happen.  Many have told us this would happen.  
The prophecies of the Bible are being fulfilled as written for these Last Days.
Things are waxing worse....the birth pangs are upon us.
THEY have announced two more 'bad' variants:  Nu and Omicron.  Just in time for Christmas.....
Brace yourself!
Pray for the peace of Jerusalem!