Caspar Verhulst (28 Nov 2021)
"Garry B 21 Novermber 2021"

Dear John,


Regarding the period of the Israelites in Egypt,

there were 318 years.

See enclosure.


God bless you,

Caspar Verhulst.

Israel was in Egypt for 318 years


These sections of the Bible both have "in them" the time that Israel stayed in Egypt, but they do not include the same number of years, and neither of them has 430 years.

Through belief in the exact times and timing of the Almighty, through belief in what He Himself had revealed to me and placed in my heart, including that God sent His Son when the fullness of time had come, exactly after 4,000 years, I knew that the number of years that Israel was in Egypt was 318.
Other revelations the Lord had allowed me to receive about the times confirmed this time and time again.

Please take what follows below to heart.
The number of years mentioned in the Bible should not always be taken literally. This is mostly the case because the Lord has hidden mysteries in them about a period.
I will demonstrate this for you on the basis of the following texts from the Bible.
This will also make it easier for you to believe that God has often concealed secrets in the years or numbers.
In spite of the fact that Exodus 12:40,41 very expressly mentions the number of years the Israelites lived in Egypt, even to the day, we already know that the number of years that Israel was in Egypt was not 430.
Genesis 15 states that the period lasted 400 years. And Galatians 3:15 ff also states "the same" 430 years and that includes the period Israel stayed in Egypt, too, but those 430 years stand for a much longer period.

The number of years can only be right in no more than one of these 3 places in the scripture.
Much more likely is that none of the 3 places in the scripture states the right number of years, but that a secret is concealed in all three of the numbers.
And that is true!

Paul writes that these 430 years are from the promise till the law!
The law was given to the people (Israel) in the year of exodus, in the year 2556!!

The promise, when was it given?
A number of times God made the promise to Abra(ha)m.
Including in Genesis 12:7, when Abram was 75 years old (had lived 76 years), i.e. in 2024, but then the promised land was still under foreign domination.
The Lord says there: "Unto thy seed will I give this land."
The Lord has made that promise, indeed.
In Genesis 13:14,15,17, but also then the land God promised him was under foreign domination!
Here, too, the Lord says: "to thee will I give it."
Then in Genesis 14, when the LORD called Abram, the land had already been dominated for 12 years by Chedorlaomer and 3 other (4) kings.
In the immediate year after the 12 years, in the 13th year, the LORD had the 5 kings of the land the LORD had promised Abram rise in opposition.
They did not want to be ruled by Chedorlaomer anymore.

In the 14th year, Chedorlaomer came with the other 3 kings and they beat and dominated all the people who lived in the land that we now know as Israel.
Then 5 kings from 5 areas launched an offensive and they too were defeated by Chedorlaomer and they took all the goods of Sodom and Gomorrah and also Lot, Abram's brother's son.

And Abram armed his trained servants, born in his own house, and pursued them unto Dan.
Abram defeats the 4 kings on the Golan heights.
He thereby freed that area, but also the whole land, since he defeats those 4 ruling kings.
And so the entire land that the LORD had promised was free of domination.
Including the areas that would be occupied 733 years before the new era, and which would remain occupied for 2940 years, until 1967 of the new era, as God had concealed in the census by David.

As we know, the Almighty returned all the areas, which belong to God's country, so including the Golan Heights, the Sinai, the Gaza-Strip, Samaria, Jerusalem and the temple on the mount, to His people in a magnificent way in 1967. Because God is not too easily satisfied.

Just as God released His people after they had been in Egypt for 318 years, so did Abraham free the land himself.
And you can regard it as a confirmation from the Almighty to you that Abraham did that with 318 men (Genesis 14:14).

Once Abram had smote the 4 kings and freed the whole land, the LORD went and met him Himself: "And Melchizedek king of Salem brought forth bread and wine: and he was the priest of the most high God. The High Priest of God. And he blessed him, and said, Blessed be Abram of the most high God, possessor of heaven and earth: And blessed be the most high God, which hath delivered thine enemies into thy hand."

The year that the LORD liberated the land He had promised Abram was the year 2026! From that year on, God starts counting. It is the year Paul writes of in Galatians 3.
When Abraham wants to sacrifice his only son, who he loves, Isaac to God, the Angel of the Lord intervenes and says: Now I know that thou art God-fearing and have not kept your son, whom you love, from me.Ē

What year was that, when Abraham wanted to offer up his beloved son?
Or how old was Isaac when his father had to sacrifice him?
"When Isaac had lived 8 years." (See "God's Times Revealed", pages 55 to 63).

The Lord made Abraham "the" promise a few times.
Now Abraham was God-fearing and did not keep his son, his only, his beloved son, from God, now the Lord does not promise, BY HIMSELF HE SWORE, that He will bless Abraham royally, that his seed shall possess the gate of his enemies; And in his seed shall all the nations of the earth be blessed!
The Lord thus swore this in the year 2056, 1948 + 100 + 8 = 2056.

Something else fantastic that the Almighty had occur concurrently in that year.
The year 2056 is the year 1948 before the new era (4004 - 2056 = 1948).
Abram was begotten in 1948. What also happened was that IsraŽl (God's land) was revived in 1948 after/ since the new era.

If the 430 years of Gal. 3:16,17 were to actually be 430 years, then the number of years that Israel stayed in Egypt would have been 218.

Abram received the promise in the year
The Israelites received the law in the year of the exodus


If that were 430 years later as it says in Gal. 3


then the exodus would have been in the year


Abram was begotten in


Isaac 100 years later in


Jacob 60 years later in


When Jacob/Israel was 130 years, they went to Egypt






In Exodus 12:40, 41 says: "Now the sojourning of the children of Israel, who dwelt in Egypt, was four hundred and thirty years." It even says it twice and it also says: "Even the selfsame day."




If the Israelites were really in Egypt 430 years


then the year of their exodus would have been


How can it be that each time from the revelations that I
received from the Almighty that this appeared to be 318
years? Then there must be an explanation. I prayed to the
Lord and asked if He would reveal this to me as well.

A brother showed me a German bible that says
"30 + 400"
in Ex. 12:40, 41, instead of 430. Then it became clear to me that that was where the secret was hidden.
They were 2 successive periods. And the Lord let me
know that it was as follows! That 30 stands for
30 real years, but the 400 stands for a period

Those 30 years are, from the year 2026, when God keeps
His promise.
And Abram drives out the rulers with Godís help, until
2056, the year God swore to Abraham.

The 400 years from Galatians 3 signify a fullness of time,
from Godís swearing until He does what He swore He would,
500 years. That is why it says: "Even the selfsame day."
One could determine the exact day a jubilee started.
Many looked forward to that day!
God instituted the jubilee later, but in Godís plans it existed a
long time already, of course.
And God freed His entire people, all of them at once after
exactly 10 jubilees, 500 years.
"Even that selfsame day".
What a great God is He Who has everything happen at
the time He wants and had already determined each time, each day at the beginning of creation already.


The 430 years of Galatians 3 are thus 30 years and 500 years.


500 years after the year God swore that, the year


The Israelites departed from Egypt


In the year


And then it adds up exactly


The promise was in the year


Then after


years, the extremely important year when God swore


4 fullnesses of time, 4 x 40 years later, when Joseph


had lived 18 years, he was taken to Egypt


22 years later, when Joseph had lived 40 years and Jacob 130






The Israelites go to Egypt in the year




Years later, God releases them from slavery in the year

So the 400 years and the 30 years of Exodus 12:40,41 also mean 30 years + one fullness of time.
That fullness of time in Exodus 12:40,41 is 212 years less than the fullness of time in Galatians 3, that equalled 10 jubilees!
500 years Ė 212 years are
288 years.

The time the Israelites lived in Egypt was from
the year 2238 until the year
2556, which is 318 years.
30 years + the fullness of time of 288 years.


Joseph is an image of Jesus Christ.

Jacob already had 10 sons. Four from Leah. Two from the slave Bilhah. Two from the slave Zilpah, and another 2 from Leah. But the woman he loved had not yet borne him a son.
Only after those 10 sons did God open Rachel's womb.
Israel had always longed for a son from the woman he loved and before his birth, Joseph was already loved greatly by his father Israel.

And when Joseph grew up he had a dream and told it to his brothers; it made them hate him even more! They already hated him before that time.
"Now Israel loved Joseph more than all his children, because he was the son of his old age: and he made him a coat of many colours. And when his brethren saw that their father loved him more than all his brethren, they hated him.Ē

When Joseph told his brothers his dream, they said: "Shalt thou indeed reign over us?" This was not only just a statement about what would happen later when Joseph was promoted by the Pharaoh (see Genesis 41:40-44), because he was not made king by the Pharaoh. In the throne the Pharaoh would remain higher than him (:40).
And Joseph was allowed to ride in the 2nd chariot (:43).

* This statement by the sons of Jacob, these are the tribes of Israel, was foreshadowing that they would not accept Him as their King! Because Joseph was a foreshadowing of the Lord Jesus Christ.
Just as they did not accept Jesus Christ, rejected Him, so did they not accept Joseph.

They wanted to kill Joseph as well to get rid of him. They sold him to the Ishmeelites and that is how they got rid of him. Joseph ended up as a slave in the service of Potiphar and later, due to his wife's actions, he went to prison.
In prison, Joseph was allowed to interpret the dreams of butler and baker.
When the Pharaoh has a dream later that no one can interpret, the butler remembers Joseph. He is taken from prison and is allowed to interpret the Pharaoh's dream that is so important.

Only then does God reach His aim with Joseph.
When he was 30 years old, exactly like the Lord Jesus when He started His 'service'.