Jerry Taylor (29 Nov 2020)
"December 7 Rapture Confirming Signs"


Since this is true, and NOTHING happens by accident, then this is what I believe God is saying to His saints via the December 14th, 2020 Heavenly Signs: Though this Total Eclipse of the Sun signifies that our Creator God is ready to release dark judgments against unsaved mankind, He is also boldly announcing the coming deliverance in the Rapture or First Resurrection of the Saints at the onset of the Great Tribulation, and just before the outpouring of God's Wrath. This Sign is therefore a herald of the Rapture! What's more, it could be signifying the fact that the saints have already been rescued, and this is the dramatic divine warning that terrible judgment is next!

Testimony from a friend:

I am in shock! I have to share what happened several nights ago in the early hours of November 12. My 5 year old son had a dream. 15 minutes before he woke up to tell me about it, I had been praying for God to give dreams to me and my household. My son said the dream was of one day, but two parts. He wanted to tell me the bad part first: it was Christmas time and there was a lot of snow. We were all outside playing. A bad man drove up to our house, took us to prison, checked our feet, hands, and head. He threw us in a cage and then shot us. Notice: this was the time of Christmas, after the Rapture. In the Tribulation now.

The good part: there was just a little snow starting to fall (early December and not late December) - and we were inside our house. He asked me if he and his brothers could go outside to play. Before he could get to the door, we are all frozen. The house was lifted up with all of us in it. This is the Rapture. We didn't feel any rumbling, everything was smooth and peaceful. The house was set down and the roof was removed. We saw a bright, glowing body. Then my son opened the door and saw giant, glowing feet. He moved out of the door and looked up. He saw a bright face with eyes that look like fire. My son said the man was God. Then he and all his brothers got candy 😆💙 This happened around 3:15 AM, which is the 4th watch. I believe we are truly in the last hour!

Another testimony: 2 nights ago I was star watching on the roof talking and praying to God and I asked him to give me a sign like a dream, vision, or something in the clouds if he was coming to rapture us in 2020. Within 3 minutes afterwards I saw a cloud forming and it was an angle blowing a long trumpet. I felt so overwhelmed with peace and thankfulness that God answered my prayer.