Jean Stepnoski (29 Nov 2020)
"The Messiah's Ancient Galilean Wedding Model: The Bride And Her  Disclosure, Upliftment, and Display"

   In the new dvd video “Before The Wrath” narrated by Kevin Sorbo, are fascinating and invaluable details about The Ancient Jewish Wedding Model. Specifically, about The Ancient Galilean Wedding Model. The Messiah is following every detail of this model! What is new and fascinating information in this video? What did I learn I had not known before? It is about the conveyance of the bride in the bride’s litter. The groom, the herald (best man), and the guests for the wedding arrive outside the bride’s father’s house. It is near or after the midnight hour for Israel. All are outside. The 2 or more men who carry the bride’s litter set it down on the ground. The bride steps over one of the 2 long poles to get inside the litter. She sits down on the chair. Then what? The bride is lifted up by the 2 long poles by the litter bearers. UPLIFTED. She is then carried to the groom’s father’s house.  The phrase for it is “Flying To The Father’s House” as she is UPLIFTED and carried all the way to the wedding canopy. The Messiah’s Bride Of The Ages: Disclosure, Upliftment,  and Display In Her Conveyance To The Heavenly Chuppah! Do these details signify  a Rapture Event?


   “Before The Wrath is a 2020 release by Brent Miller Jr. from Ingenuity Films. Well worth our time, please see this video. Give as gifts.



With Love and Shalom,