Fay (29 Nov 2020)
"The Weakest Link."


Although this Caspian Report is from November 27th (Friday) - it deals with the attack on Saudi Arabia in September 2020. It was very clear that these new, sophisticated precision missiles could only have been supplied from one source. Iran. Iran supplies and supports weapons to the Houthi's in Yemen. These rebels are now more than a thorn in Saudi Arabia's side.

Pres. Trump released a statement after these attacks and it seemed that an attack (led by the USA) was imminent. This was September. However - because of looming elections in the USA, Pres Trump appears to have scaled back a USA response to even more sanctions on Iran - rather than a military confrontation.

The "peace" coalition that Pres. Trump has put together (Israel, Saudi Arabia, UAE etc.) is ostensibly there to form a strong deterrent to Iran dominating the Middle East. The USA cannot have a single ME nation dominating the entire Middle East. As Iran considers Saudi Arabia as the weakest link in this coalition with Israel - it is attacking that nation.

Add this VERY clever Caspian Report to the TV7 update I posted and you can LITERALLY see the prophetic puzzle pieces falling into place.

It answers questions as to why Saudi Arabia will be one of the end time nations to verbally object to the coming attack on Israel. As the weakest link, Saudi Arabia will not escape and will certainly not be in a position to come to Israel's aid. This report explains SO many things. Maps and images are provided. Things have ratcheted up very suddenly. I can clearly see Ezekiel 38 looming into view.