Fay (29 Nov 2020)
"3 D Chess Games."


Reading this article from JPost - I couldn't help having my brains turned into scrambled eggs. It is all so confusing. Pres Trump has a "Bromance" with Turkey. Biden does not like Turkey. Turkey is an avowed enemy of Israel and Erdogan fancies himself as the sultan of a new Islamic Caliphate.

Turkey has and is, running rampant throughout the Middle East. Interfering in Libya, Syria etc. Turkey has gained a foothold with the Russians in Azerbaijan / Armenia. Turkey is butting heads with Greece and the EU in the Mediterranean Sea. This article claims that the USA knows there is no solution to the Middle East mess without Turkey ! Even Russia appears to be reluctant to mess with Turkey. The Russians agreed (albeit reluctantly) to having Turkish "peace keeping" forces alongside their forces, in Azerbaijan.

Something doesn't smell right. Turkey certainly does appear to have enormous power over the USA AND Russia.