Fay (29 Nov 2020)
"Gino re the TV7 Update. Things to Ponder"


Yes, Gino...it is extremely frightening. You post is linked below. All the "refugee camps" in Europe - UK - Wales etc., are crammed with Muslim refugees. The majority are Muslim. As I asked - what do the governments propose to do with them? What is their future? A chaotic world war and the rapture, would certainly turn our reality upside down. These Islamic refugees (prisoners, to all intents and purposes) are being held for a future purpose - in my opinion.

We also have to recognise the powerful and sinister control behind all of this. Satan's earthly minions, who are being controlled and instructed by the devil himself. Why are they so easily controlled? MONEY!

America is deeply in debt. So deeply, that umpteen future generations couldn't hope to wipe out the debt. Who is the money owed to? The Federal Reserve. A private bank. The UK is now severely in debt due to Covid. This debt is increasing alarmingly with every day that passes. And, just who does the UK owe this money to? The Bank of England. A private bank. This Covid virus has succeeded in shutting down the world economy so that medium to small businesses simply cannot function. In the meantime - the banks are raking in a fortune worth of debt because of the situation. We would do well to "follow the money" in order to sniff out the perpetrators.

Ultimately, these greedy human bankers are following orders with glee. They do not realise that the devil actually cares NOTHING for money. It's simply a useful weapon in his dealings with human greed. I wonder how many of these bankers truly realise that this is ALL about a battle between Almighty God and Satan? That this battle will culminate in a showdown over Jerusalem? Do they know this? Have they been led to believe that their master, Satan, is going to be the victor? If so - they are Biblically illiterate....as are many people. In fact - many ordinary people don't even realise that a battle is raging.

The banksters are placing us all under their power. He who controls the money etc.