Fay (29 Nov 2020)
"December 21st Alignment plus other WEIRD Stuff. Must See."


Hi John and Doves,

This short YT clip shows some very peculiar stuff - sent in to MrMBB333 from all over the world. He also touches on the extremely rare planetary alignment on December 21st, 2020. This clip really needs to be seen. I have my own thoughts on what is being seen and captured on film. The signs in the stars and sky are ramping up.

In the 2nd link is very detailed information about the rare planetary alignment on December 21st. Paul Dawson has done an INCREDIBLE job - showing the mathematical sequences that have occurred since 7 B.C. regarding this alignment. Absolutely fascinating !! Paul also goes into the fraught political machinations going on in Israel right now. Very, very informative.

It amazes me how similar the politics are re the USA and Israel. At present - there is no definitive political party in full control in either nation. They appear to be suffering the same uncertainties as each other. I am utterly convinced this is as a result of the blasphemous Abraham Accords.

Please note that there will be a total solar eclipse on December 14th. The halfway mark between the Great American Solar eclipse of August 2017 and the next one due on April 8th, 2024. December 14th also marks the day the electoral college is due to declare a decisive victor in the USA election. THEN - 7 days later - the rare planetary alignment occurs! You really, really need to watch Paul Dawson's YT clip in the 2nd link to realise just how profound this alignment is.