Fay (29 Nov 2020)
"Which Secret Society did Fakhrizadeh Belong to?"


Fakhrizadeh is the name of the Iranian nuclear physicist who was recently assassinated. Going by the sheer number of articles that have been written since this man's assassination - we can comfortably assume that Fakhrizadeh was a BIG DEAL. Even though us ordinary proletariat wouldn't know his name from Adam. Prior to this assassination, of course. All top agencies (the U.N. etc) are sticking their oar in. Saying that this assassination was "unacceptable"...blah, blah, blah. The article really is informative and I hope you all take the time to read it. It asks, "Was Iran's Fakhrizadeh an Oppenheimer or a Soleimani?"

Sure - it's about nuclear weapons...science etc., but I believe it goes way deeper than that. I recently watched a 4 part documentary regarding the Knight's Templar. Seemingly old news, I know - but there were so many brand new insights. These secret societies have been around for a very long time. The Free Masons - Skull and Bones - the Bullingdon Club (UK) etc. There are quite a few. However - they are not innumerable and their relevance in today's politics, speaks VOLUMES. The high level politicians of the day are all educated and groomed by specific universities and colleges. Their success depends on their contacts - the power of networking. All Ivy league colleges - Oxbridge in the UK (Oxford and Cambridge) have produced our Presidents and our Prime Ministers. They all have their secret societies. Some are affiliated - some are in competition. It's a fiercely competitive and very REAL competition. Hence the scripture - Evil men will wax worse and worse. Deceiving and being deceived.

Long story short - all of them...the end game is Jerusalem and total power over the entire world and it's peoples. They are fighting each other (the secret societies) for the ultimate throne. Which will be in Jerusalem. The same goes for the Islamic secret societies. The Chinese. The Italians. The French. The German. The list goes on. It is a grand battle between the secret societies. They are all aware of each other and this end time game of chess is between them. Not us. They couldn't give a damn about us.

If you require confirmation of their total disregard of the millions of ordinary people killed in their endless wars - you need look no further than "their" reaction to the recent assassination of Fakhrizadeh. "They" all reckon that the assassination of this man is deemed unacceptable. Yet - the killing of millions and millions of ordinary people in their war games IS acceptable??

They are blowing their cover, Doves. We are beginning to see the truth. No longer conspiracy theory. This is exactly what's happening.