Fay (29 Nov 2020)
"A WOW of a Bible Code!"


I picked this up on Saturday November 28th. Rabbi Glazerson has uncovered a code that reveals many things regarding the end.

This YT clip has the English words placed above the Hebrew, but Rabbi G also explains other phrases and words that have not been translated into English. This clip needs to be watched! Hanukkah is prominent. As is Esther (Purim). The war of Gog/Magog - which is tied firmly to Iran (Persia). The year 5780 (2020) is there but 5781 appears in the continuation. As if there is still more to happen in 2020. As you know - we have about a 3 month period before our year syncs with the Hebrew year. We will sync with the Hebrew year of 5781 on our date of December 31st (midnight)

The Rabbi's often associate Pres. Trump with the Biblical figure of Cyrus. The name "Cyrus" features prominently in this code. Which implies that Pres. Trump will be around for the Gog/Magog war. Whether or not he will be still be POTUS remains to be seen. Judging by this code - Pres. Trump will still be looming large when this war happens.

What makes this particular code interesting to me is the fact that the conditional word of "repentance" does not feature as it always does. The codes always urge the need for repentance in order for Messiah to come. This time - it seems that all these things are going to happen regardless. People are going to be forced to repent - scared out of their wits at the horror that will come.