Chance (29 Nov 2020)
"Get The Tar And Feathers"

Hello John and Doves,
If this doesn't convince people that this covid thing is a hoax that THEY have perpetrated on the whole world...I don't know what will.   Sure COVID-19 is a nasty problem - like a bad seasonal flu - but at a 99.8% survival rate and 90% of positive tests have no viable virus (basically, false positives) - they are lying to us and shutting us down for no good reason...all part of the Great Reset/One World Government that's coming!
What brought on this letter?  Biden had a big birthday bash!  No masks.  No social distancing.  Nada.
Keisha Lance at the Biden birthday party posted the video on her twitter acct one wore a social distancing, yet we have rules for no more than 6 people at Thanksgiving!  And orders to report on people if you see more than 6!  
Keisha Lance Bottoms (@KeishaBottoms) / Twitter

Here it is on youtube
(269) Biden & Friends Partying and Singing Without Masks or Social Distancing at Joe’s Elite Birthday Bash - YouTube

And here they have their masks on - outside!  Doing the 'masks and social distancing'...for the cameras and the public's benefit. Making it look like they are also following the lockdown rules.  All for the sake of appearances, to deceive!

(269) People on street wish President-elect Joe Biden a "HAPPY BIRTHDAY!" - YouTube

I for one am sick of this!
Tar and feather the whole lot of them!
They have been 'padding' the COVID-19 numbers for months!  The purpose is to shut us down and shut us up.  They are using the increase in testing, with the not unexpected increase in positives as testing goes up to show how the virus is ramping up again - their 'second wave'. And the positive tests are called 'cases' inferring these people are ill, when they are not.  CDC has reported that the PCR test is too sensitive - 90% of positives don't even have a viable virus and they are to self-quarantine for 14 days. Yet, the CDC refuses to adjust the testing to make it less sensitive.  
And what they are doing with the hospital numbers is nothing short of criminal!  
The government pays hospitals far more for COVID-19 patients than any other ailments.  And even more for those on a ventilator!  We can easily see the fraud cases coming in!  To increase their COVID-19 counts in the hospital, they are now including anyone who comes in suspecting they have COVID-19 and are admitted for 'observation'. 
COVID-19 is being reported at the doctor's office based on symptoms now.  The patient doesn't need a positive COVID-19 test anymore.  So anyone with a fever, cough is COVID-19 positive and is reported.
To ensure THEY get their numbers, "the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services sent a letter to hospitals in October threatening harsh penalties for those who don't report this data. "Failure to report the specified data needed to support broader surveillance of COVID-19 may lead to the imposition of the remedy to terminate a provider's participation from the Medicare and Medicaid programs," warned CMS in a memo to all hospitals that serve Medicare and Medicaid patients".
Horowitz: Three ways the COVID hospital data is being inflated - TheBlaze
So not only is there the incentive of more money for any COVID-19 reporting, there is a threat of loss of funds if you don't report COVID-19.
And, the new FDA-approved drug for COVID-19 (the only approved drug for this) remdesivir is to be given WITH 3 days of hospitalization.  This was approved on October 22 which resulted in a spike in hospitalizations.
Another major COVID-19 reporting problem is we have those who have COVID-19 and are ill because of COVID-19 vs those who test positive for COVID-19 and are in the hospital for something else - like kidney stones, car wreck, broken arm, etc.  Only two states distinguish between those hospitalized BECAUSE of COVID-19 and those hospitalized with COVID-19 - North Dakota and Iowa.  There is a big difference. 
And deaths are not reported properly either - we have those who died because of COVID-19 and those who died with a positive test for COVID-19  (which is 90% false positives).
It's required to be tested for COVID-19 before all surgeries in surgery centers and before admission to a hospital. And since so many people are now doing the elective surgeries they postponed for the COVID-19 cases that didn't show up in most surgery centers and hospitals - they are now scheduling those surgeries and filling up the hospitals. So there has been a big uptick in hospital bed use.  So as the testing goes up, the number of positives goes up.  And as I wrote above, just because you are positive - 90% are NOT ill - doesn't mean you are a COVID-19 patient and you should not be reported by the hospital as such.  The hospitals are being reported as full up or over flowing -the majority of these patients are those who had postponed spring/summer surgeries.
Also, now is the time for the seasonal flu:  2019/20 saw CDC estimates of 410,000 - 740,000 hospitalizations and 24,000 - 62,000 flu deaths.  And because testing isn't required for COVID-19, many of these are being added in to the COVID-19 numbers and making the hospitals 'full up' with COVID-19 when they are not.
All of this fake 'increase' in COVID-19 is used to show how it's spreading and getting worse.  Keeping people fearful and on lockdown.  Giving these Democrat governors all kinds of control over our businesses, our public and personal lives.
"Everyone is going to be exposed to this virus, and only a tiny percentage become sick enough to legitimately be hospitalized from it....Imagine if we counted everyone in the hospital during flu season as a flu case, even if they were asymptomatic and admitted for other reasons.  The irony is lost on the media and politicians that the overwhelming majority of cases are very mild or asymptomatic, but by panicking over the virus and treating every case like Stage 4 cancer, we are creating a self-fulfilling prophecy of straining hospitals with both illusory numbers and logistical problems and overaggressive quarantining of patients and staff.  Just remember these are the numbers that are being used to determine our ability to school our children, open our businesses, enjoy fresh air or entertainment, or even get together for Thanksgiving."
Democrats Caught Manipulating Hospital Data – Sons of 1776
Rush Limbaugh, in one of his radio shows last week said that Obama is the one telling Democrat governors to keep their states closed down and add more shutdowns with stricter rules.  I certainly wouldn't doubt this as Obama has NOT gone away. And Rush has access to many good sources of information that the public doesn't have access to.  
People have cancelled or curtailed their Thanksgiving dinner/celebration because of new laws...and are now looking at shutting down Christmas!  
Christmas parades have been canceled.  Christmas events have been cancelled.  Tree lightings, candlelight walks, special communion services, family gatherings, parties and dinners, town nativity scenes, church Christmas celebrations - cancelled...yet the protesters/rioters/looters and Biden supporters in their 'victory lap' have all had free rein!  And a blind eye has been turned to their activities!  And I wonder how many Democrat governors will cancel their Christmas parties and dinners?  (Reminds me of Pastor Dana Coverstone's dream for December; he saw no Christmas lights.  No Christmas decorations.  This could be symbolic, or it could be literal.  If he'd reported this dream a year ago, we would have thought no way!)
Here are examples of what they are demanding we do and examples of what they are doing.
Newsom Wanted Snitches to Turn in Thanksgiving ‘Scofflaws’ But Several California Sheriffs Say They Will Not Comply | Political Patrol
Dem Gavin Newsom pictured dining at French Laundry restaurant with 11 maskless friends – breaking his OWN Covid rules\ 
"On Tuesday, the administration of Democratic Gov. Tom Wolf announced a new coronavirus-related crackdown on the citizens of Pennsylvania, which includes a mask mandate for people inside their own homes."  (Homeowners should be able to decide for themselves, who should wear a mask in their home and who shouldn't.)
Democrat Governor’s New Covid Rule: Masks Even In Your Own Home | The Daily Wire
"These 8 Blue State Governors and Mayors Broke Their Own Lockdown Orders"
These 8 Blue State Governors And Mayors Broke Their Own Lockdown Orders
Did the governor break her own rules? | KRQE News 13
With the coming Great Reset and their need for control over the people, this is definitely working towards their advantage.
When I saw the video of Biden's birthday party and his guests not obeying the rules we are being made to obey, that was just the last straw for me.  How many of our kids didn't get a birthday party?  How many of our kids didn't get a graduation ceremony?  Just thinking about all of the control they have over us is frightening.
And IF Biden becomes the next president, he's already planning a 4 to 6 week shutdown.  Our economy, our businesses couldn't take another direct hit in shutdowns! What's left of small businesses will close their doors for good leaving more people unemployed.   "Shutting down businesses and paying people for lost wages for four to six weeks could help keep the coronavirus pandemic in check and get the economy on track until a vaccine is approved and distributed, said Dr. Michael Osterholm, a coronavirus advisor to President-elect Joe Biden." 
Biden Covid advisor says U.S. lockdown of 4 to 6 weeks could control pandemic and revive economy
"Woe to them that devise iniquity, and work evil upon their beds! when the morning is light, they practice it, because it is in the power of their hand."  Micah 2:1
Pray for the peace of Jerusalem!