TH (26 Nov 2017)
"The "Treasure" of having a "Speaking" Relationship"

 The "Treasure" of having a "Speaking" Relationship w/  HIM

             Dove Dears,  it's been awhile since the HS has inspired me to send a letter, so,
I've just been hanging out,and watching our World go to hell. Well, what to do, what to
do?.....RAMP up our (HIS) message, the hour being so late ? Yeah, that's a good idea,
but what can we say that hasn't been said already to those we care about.....and as of
yet, not accepted our "witness" to the TRUTH of JESUS. While I was sitting around and reading the "Book" and eating lightly salted chips and drinking a "lite" beer, the HS
gave me a notion of a last minute "witness"......HE imparted the original Scriptural 
Challenge as the LAST resort testimony for previous failures in that regard.  HE said
"make them prove you are wrong"  What ?  How's that ?  What do you mean ?....
HE said, (and I quote) "have them shout out to ME to "prove" MY existence". ....ex.
"Hey God, if you're real show me, prove it !"  ......"If you can get them to do that,    
           I'LL TAKE IT FROM THERE......"

                                     MARANATHA !

                                             T H