Fay (26 Nov 2017)
"Hanukkah ! Amazing"

After reading Daniel's latest article (Watchfortheday) linked below, I started doing some reading about Hanukkah and discovered all the magic that lies in this feast.


Firstly, Hannukah is inter-Testamental.... meaning that the famous battle of the Maccabees took place in between the old and new testaments. For me - this is enormously symbolic. In between the crossing over of the period of the Law and entering into the story of the period of Grace. Wow! There are little gems in the old testament that hint and refer to this feast. I have linked the article below.

Chanukah in the Old Testament | eteacherbiblical newsletter 

Then we have a detailed report of our LORD Jesus at the feast of Hanukkah. Link below. THIS is the article that inspired me to really look closely at the whole of John 10.


What I saw there, blew me away. John 10 gives us MASSIVE clues and giant heads-up re this feast. I have linked John 10 below and urge you all to read it through. I will paraphrase this chapter to show you what has inspired me. Emphasis and caps are mine.

Jesus talks about His sheep, whom He knows by name and states that His sheep KNOW His voice. Jesus refers to Himself as the gate and the gatekeeper! John 10:3 tells us that Jesus  calls His own sheep by name and LEADS THEM OUT. Once He has led them out. He goes on ahead of them and His sheep follow Him because they know His voice. Immediately after we read this astonishing hint of the Rapture, John 10:22 places our Lord at the Feast Of Dedication... Hannukah! Here, the scripture is specific about where Jesus is. He is in the temple courts, walking in  Solomon's Colonnade. I have yet to research why this is significant... but it must mean something. There are zero wasted words in scripture. Continuing on, the Jews surrounding Jesus, were pestering Him to confirm that He is the Messiah. Jesus tells them that they don't believe because they are NOT His sheep. Our Lord reiterates that His sheep know His voice and follow Him. He reiterates that He gives His sheep eternal life and that NO-ONE will snatch us out of His hand.

After this, in John 10:40, Jesus goes back across the Jordan where John had been baptizing in the early days. There, he stayed. WOWZAS... this passage leads us straight back to the very beginning of Christ's ministry. Where believers were baptized of water ... right at the beginning. Jesus was showing us just who His sheep are. It was here that a dove descended upon our LORD's head and the Spirit of God was seen.

Please read and savor every word of John 10. It is awesome.

Bible Gateway passage: John 10 - New International Version

Doves..... I am pretty sure we have hit gold here. Daniel Matson is pretty sure too.

Maranatha, LORD Jesus.