Fay (26 Nov 2017)
"This will Make you sit Up!!! Very weird"

Good Morning,

I wrote a post to Doves about the weird connection between America and Zimbabwe and the solar eclipses. I pointed out the A to Z  (America to Zimbabwe) connection. Not only did the solar eclipse of Zimbabwe occur three months before 9/11 but Zimbabwe suffered it's coup three months after the solar eclipse over America! If that's not enough to convince you..... the solar eclipse over Zimbabwe happened on 21st June 2001. 82 days later, 9/11 happened. America's solar eclipse happened on 21st August, 2017..... 82 days later, on 11th November, 2017, the first messages started arriving on my phone re an imminent coup. This is amazing!

Mugabe was put under house arrest on the evening of November 13th and the tanks started rolling in. The rest is history.

I don't know what it means but it must mean something. Almighty God doesn't do coincidence. Is America going to suffer something in return? Perhaps 3 months after Zimbabwe's coup? If something happens, this would occur in February 2018. I did some number crunching and came up with something jaw dropping. From November 13th 2017 (evening of Mugabe's official house arrest in Zimbabwe) to February 3rd, 2018 is 82 days. February 3rd, 2018 will be the 7th anniversary of the riots in Egypt, where the green horse "anomaly" occurred in 2011.

I don't believe I'm trying to pull acrobats with these numbers. I am quite floored by this.

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