Dennis Watson (26 Nov 2017)
"Re: A letter...about the end times."


I have been trying to illustrate and number my different points so that those who wish to object or respond could focus on the element they are confused or disagree with.

Here is what I had worked on today.

Hope you are right that we are out of here before the end of the year. I look forward to the time when all watchers are in one accord. If we are not out of here by Dec. 21, I have a relief position that can be available in the later innings. I find it interesting from a Smyrna perspective that there are 10 days from December 21 to December 31.

I hope you are right about the nearness of the rapture. Redemption calls to me and it resonates deep. Lord, please come anytime before the end of the year!" Amen.

To put it bluntly, I believe Scripture is telling us that December 31, 2017 is the rapture. I know, I know, I know … you don’t need to tell me what you are thinking. I am a seasoned watcher. I know all the responses from both non-watching believers, unbelievers, and other watchers who are watching other dates. But here are 14 points that make me think the day of the rapture could be identified by God and by Scripture. Not saying I am right. I am looking at this date as a potential date that could bring God glory so I write about each point and why that point would bring God Glory below.

1. Enoch was raptured when He was 365 years old and December 31, 2017 is day 365 of the year of the Great Sign of Revelation 12:1,2. God set this up from the beginning Saints! Can you think of even one good reason why God had Enoch taken, before judgment, the first mention that people could actually be taken to heaven, when he had so much life left in him (just like all the raptured quick Christians will be) when he reached the year 365? Just one reason…waiting…I can not think of one except the “1.” Above.

2. The Resurrection of Jesus was a great sign and GOD COUNTED from Jesus' Resurrection, 7 Sabbaths and then on the next day, as the disciples were gathered and ready to wait, the fiftieth (the completion of the BEGINNING OF SEASON OF PENTECOST COUNT), is when God got Pentecost in Acts 2 started. The effects of Pentecost continue presently UNTIL THE LAST DAY OF THE CHURCH. Why is Rev. 12:1,2 a GREAT SIGN? Well, apply the Leviticus count from the Great Sign of Revelation 12 for the END OF THE SEASON OF PENTECOST COUNT as follows:

Read the verses in Leviticus 23:15 & 16 and see if the count could be applicable.

15 And ye shall count unto you from the morrow after the sabbath, from the day that ye brought the sheaf of the wave offering; seven sabbaths shall be complete: 16 Even unto the morrow after the seventh sabbath shall ye number fifty days; and ye shall offer a new meat offering unto the LORD.

Apply those verses here because perhaps the Pentecost Season will end at the end of this Biblical count:

The Great Sign of Rev. 12:1,2 September 23, 2017

1 The first Sabbath after - September 30, 2017
2 The second Sabbath - October 7, 2017
3 The third Sabbath - October 14, 2017
4 The fourth Sabbath - October 21, 2017
5 The fifth Sabbath - October 28, 2017
6 The sixth Sabbath - November 4, 2017
7 The seventh Sabbath - November 11, 2017


1 The morrow after the seventh Sabbath - November 12, 2017
50 The day of the end of the 50 day count - December 31, 2017

Please do not be concerned that the end of Pentecost count will not occur on the same day (Day 1) in Acts 2 that beginning of Pentecost count started. It will end when the church is COMPLETE ON DAY 50. That’s why Pentecost, in Acts 2 started on DAY 1. Day 1 was the beginning of the Church. Day 50 is the completion of the Church, now READY FOR HARVEST.

Please do not be concerned that the end of Pentecost Count

I know this will be difficult for some to take in. You weren’t taught this. Well neither was I and I paid thousands and thousands of dollars for a Bible education in college. But this is what I am looking at now.

3. I submit that when Martha told Jesus that she expected her dead brother Lazarus to rise "on the last day" I think it is possible that the LAST DAY was the last day of the Count or the last day the Church would be corruptible on earth. Otherwise wouldn’t you refer to the resurrection of Lazarus as his first day being resurrected? Of course, Martha did not know this, but her words were inspired by the Holy Spirit who is very much attune to Pentecost and the fact that the END OF SEASON OF PENTECOST COUNT will occur on the last day of its count. What is this day the LAST DAY of?
 Could it be…….


4. I submit that true Israel, immediately after the winter harvest of the rapture, finally the HARVEST OF PENTECOST, potentially on December 31, 2017, says the following perhaps on January 1, 2018 or any time after the rapture

... a statement dripping with hopelessness....

Jeremiah 8:20 - "Summer is over, the harvest is past, and still we are not saved."

In the Bible there are two seasons. Summer and Winter. Winter technically begins on solstice at 12/21. 10 days later it could be that Israel says, "Summer is over, the harvest (the rapture) is past (the rapture did not include us), and still we are not saved." What a sad statement.

The rapture will make Israel jealous. Amen. I wonder if those 10 days of winter may refer to the "10 days of tribulation" for Smyrna in Rev 2:10? Have not worked that out. December 21 may have something to do with Hanukkah.

5. Some have suggested that the rapture is a spring event (a beginning of Pentecost event) and thus use Song of Songs 2 to point out the spring-like conditions at the time the Groom is coming for the Bride. Read carefully every line of Song of Songs 2 and imagine this...the Bride is in her mansion(s) already, and she is already in heaven, the rapture is history, and it is always spring like in heaven, and the Bridegroom is coming to take her on a date as He has done apparently many times before.

Song of Songs 2: Arise, my love, my fair one, and come away.

This is not the rapture, this is a vision of what will likely happen OFTEN as we wait the 7 years during the tribulation on earth and we get to enjoy our relationship with Jesus before we return with Him to earth in Revelation 19.

6. The eclipse of 8/21 figures in here because 33 days after the Great American Eclipse was the Revelation 12 sign. They are connected and that "33" was all over that eclipse (Oregon the 33rd state, leaving U.S. at 33rd parallel, etc) including the fact that it was 33x3 (99) years since an eclipse like that had occurred. How many days after the September 23, Great Sign is December 31? That's right Saints, 99!!!! Look at all the warning signs from September 23, 2017 that have already occurred! This was from another commenter on

I think we need to keep watch for every day that is a multiple of 11 as those days could portend disaster. 99 days before December 31 is the Great Sign. 77 days before December 31 there were the apocalyptic FIRES in Portugal. 44 days before the sign the Argentinian submarine with 44 sailors is lost. Keep your eyes open as we approach December 31, 2017. There may be other judgments coming up or identified. Further, we await a complete fulfillment Rev 12:3,4 although that may be at the same time as we go up. The dragon fights as the redeemed Saints pour through his territory and he is unable to stop it and he is thrown down. Rev 12:7,8 .

This day, November 21, 2017 is actually the day now 40 days from December 31, 2017. Does this day portend judgment of some kind? I'm watching now 2 in the afternoon where I am, nothing so far.

7.   THE PERFECT POINT - 12/31 - Count the digits its perfect. 7
12/31/2017 - Count the digits its the year. 17
High fives to Enoch when you see him. 12/31 is day 365 of the year! Count the digits its 7 x 2 or 14, count the digits, 5=GRACE

8.  A NEW REVELATION ABOUT LEVITICUS. So, this "new" revelation about a beginning Pentecost count and an ending Pentecost count was always in the Bible but not taught. The END OF PENTECOST COUNT, a mystery till the Church came up, and perhaps a mystery until we viewed those Scriptures in light of the Great Sign of September 23, 2017 and we see Daniel 12:4 is being fulfilled and new understandings are obtained as we go over and over the Book. The count for the BEGINNING OF PENTECOST SEASON is apparently different from the count to the END OF PENTECOST SEASON. I suggest we are to apply the count to the end of Pentecost FROM THE GREAT SIGN which is comparably as wondrous as the RESURRECTION...and it goes as set forth above.


So from the September 28, 2015 last Super Blood Moon as day 1 and then going to December 31, 2017,

I repeat...


So FROM the September 28, 2015 last Super Blood Moon as day 1 and then going TO December 31, 2017,

is 826 days.

So, here we are, gentiles seeking wisdom, what is the word for Strongs Greek #826? It is "augazó": TO SHINE FORTH.

From Daniel 12, That's EXACTLY what all the Saints are going to be doing that day if the rapture occurs.

Daniel 12:3 And they that be wise shall shine as the brightness of the firmament; and they that turn many to righteousness as the stars for ever and ever.

Interestingly enough, for Israel, as yet left behind, the Strong's Hebrew #826 is a word that means "CONJUROR".

Perhaps, for those left behind, I am sure Lucifer is planning something deceptively special with his conjurors so that those on earth, after or even along with, the rapture, will be deceived… tremendously. He will do it with magic, demons, fallen angels and lies. Glad I won't be here if this happens on day 826.


A. “Steve Quayle Amerigeddon Economic collapse will be on December 31, 2017” Search in you tube with the above title. Well I just listened to this presentation in its entirely and though the title says something about December 31, that it is less specifically stated in the complete video. However, they indicate a financial Armageddon is close and could be the end of the year. I will be looking for any information that gives specifics.

B. There is another video by Paul Begley and it speaks of Obamacare and the fact that right now, still the law of the land, is that by December 31, 2017, chips are supposed to be applied to and installed in citizens. Are we at the edge of that? If December 31, 2017 was the rapture, would not it be the case that the remaining government leaders would want to enforce this law on January 1, 2018? from 2012
updated from 2015

11. Pentecost is not only a day but it was the initializing, the conception of the church. The church needs to be completed, born again and in order for that to happen the group known as "THE CHURCH" needs to be a closed group after its 1984+ year membership drive. This thing called THE CHURCH started in Acts 2 after a BEGINNING OF PENTECOST COUNT. What was started has not ended as people are still becoming Christians. What is the count for the END OF THE PENTECOST SEASON?

THE COUNT FOR THE BEGINNING OF THE CHURCH AGE MAY NOT BE THE SAME AS THE COUNT FOR THE END OF THE CHURCH AGE. However, both counts are available because of the wording of Leviticus 23:15,16. (I dealt with this in Point #2)

The ongoing "effect" or "season" of Pentecost ends with the rapture at the LAST DAY, the end of the END OF PENTECOST COUNT, because after that, the group known as "The Church" is closed by virtue of the fact that at the rapture, the ENTIRE CHURCH is made incorruptible and eternal.

Pentecost, a Divine Appointment which we now know allows for at least 1,984 more years of individual divine appointments with God as individuals, which individuals, one at a time, are indwelt eternally with the Holy Spirit. Pentecost in Acts 2 was a picture, from the beginning of the church, OF THE END OF THE CHURCH: the rapture. When the season of Pentecost is over, the 120 disciples in Acts 2, AND all the rest of THE CHURCH, living and dead (including those 120) will be
1) gathered,
2) in an upper room,
3) joyous,
4) in one accord,
5) speaking but one language,
6) lit up and shiny.

All of these elements are exactly what we will see at the Rapture of the Church at the END OF PENTECOST COUNT.

There are those who already have responded to this and their first response is "Pentecost is in spring not in winter." This is like saying "No man knows the day or the hour." True statement when written but it does not mean what you think it means. I am not saying the DAY OF PENTECOST IS IN WINTER. I am saying the springtime day of Pentecost in Acts 2 started a process that will end at the rapture. I am saying that the Pentecost season, or process, does not have to end on the day it started to still be the end of the Pentecost season. It will end at the Rapture. The Rapture does not have to occur on the spring time feast day of Pentecost in order for the rapture to be fulfillment of the Pentecost count.

The Pentecost count from Leviticus 23:15,16 (read it again and see) allows a count that was completed on day 50 AND it allows a count that will be completed at 99 days. One simply must start the count on a date that is a GREAT SIGN like the resurrection of Jesus was a GREAT SIGN. How about starting the Count on the Day of the GREAT SIGN. At the end of the count then, on December 31, 2017 perhaps we will see all 6 of those elements of the rapture: 1)gathered, 2) in an upper room, 3) joyous, 4) in one accord, 5) speaking one language (another post Babel language miracle), 6) and we will be changed and we will be lit up and shiny.

12. The Torah reading for the Sabbath, the DAY BEFORE December 31, 2017 includes the last four chapters of Genesis, ending with Genesis 50 (completion), and with Joseph’s bones being raised to be taken to the promised land. Hey Saints, it is with new flesh and bone that we "GO UP TO THE PROMISED LAND"    The Scripture Reading for this Sabbath is named Va-Yechi (And He Lived). AND HE LIVED!!!! Yes saints we will be born again to immortality and we will live.

13. God wants us to know the finish line. God wants us to run the race like Paul but we cannot run a race appropriately unless we know where the finish line is. Now, PERHAPS, we know. Run appropriately. Like Zamporini in the famous world record shattering last lap at the 36 Olympics. Even if the date turns out to not be anything remarkable, it will be a good lesson on how to run a race. It we remain watchful, perhaps there will be more confirmation later and before the date.

This is point #10 in my 14 reasons why Watchers may want to take a look at December 31, 2017.

14. Yes. IT IS ALL Speculation. Not setting a date. Only God sets the date. But He may have given His Watchers a clue or two. If 12/31 is the date God has set …amen, so be it. If it is not the date then I am sure when the REAL date occurs, it will also be a similarly breathtaking display of our Lord's sovereignty over sun, moon, stars, Scripture, Feasts, Calendars (Jewish and Gregorian), nature, and the plans of Satan and the hearts of men. You know, just like the 12/31 date WOULD HAVE BEEN had it actually been the date of the rapture!!!!

Blessings Saints. Soon we rise and shine. Isn't this the most amazing time of HISTORY to be living in?!?!?

Dennis L. Watson