TH (27 Nov 2016)


      The "Separation" has quickened !  obama began it when he usurped the office
he has held for 8 yrs. TWICE !   The election we just had, has further defined the
differences between us as Americans.  Has GOD made it apparent who is who
before the Rapture ?  I think HE has. The actions of those protesting the election
and their motivations leave no doubt as to whether they are "in dwelt" or not. HE
said "all would be revealed" and so it is.  Half, yes HALF, of our Nation is against
all the things America once stood for and believed in. They have been given over
to the "strong delusion".  When you hear their rabid, foaming at the mouth rhetoric,
they damn themselves openly.  Should we Pray for them?  Good question.  Of
course we should, but will we ?  Uh uh least I haven't been "led to" and believe
me, I have asked.  There will be singing in the streets when we suddenly vanish, only
to have our "witnesses" show up and begin "tormenting?" them for their ignorance.
Boy, do those folks hate to be accused of ignorance.  They think themselves "so wise",
so much more "with it" than us out-dated Christians.  You have to smile when we see
the way GOD does things don't you.  We are seeing the separation unfolding right
NOW !   To me, this is a profound "Sign" of HIS imminent "gathering" of HIS own.
I think it is Scripturally sound reasoning to look at this as the BEGINNING of what we
have been hoping and praying for 'lo these many years. Our departure will certainly
bring about the CHAOS the "mahdi" needs to show up.  Then the fun begins, heh, heh.
Would almost like to be here to see the "snowflakes" melt.  Fools !  We are NOT to
suffer them. They themselves will do their own suffering. Sad !  Good thing we have the
assurance of being KNOWN to/by our SAVIOR by HEARING HIM SPEAK to US.
HE LOVES US so MUCH.....and HE REASSURES us of that by TELLING us that.
    HE makes my Heart beat faster when I HEAR HIS VOICE......How about you ?

                                   MARANATHA !

                                            T H