Randy (27 Nov 2016)
"Virginia, thanks! And I love your analysis of the 777.68 Pointing to June 7, 2017 !"


Thank you for the kind words!!

777....the number that just will NOT go away!  And now it is Jewish Year 5-7-7-7 !!   Coincidence??

Virginia:  You pointed out something I had NOT thought about.  Well done!

So....get this gang:

We have had the numbers 777 on our radar screen for years now, for so many reasons.  Jonathon Cahn made reference to this in all of his books!  So did Mark Biltz in his book Blood Moons.

It all started with the DOW drop on Rosh Hashanah 2008 of 777.68.  Many Doves posted on this the next day including me.

Virginia, like myself, thought the .68 could be AS important as the 777.

So her calculation went like this:

.68 as a percentage of 365 days in a year = 248 Days.

And...248 days into Jewish Year 5777 brings us to June 7, 2017 EXACTLY 50 years from when?  From the date the Jews took back Jerusalem in the Six Day War.  That is the date the Bible says: When Jerusalem would no longer be trampled underfoot by the Gentiles!!!!

Calculation:  (Go to DateAndTime.com)  Start of Rosh Hashanah 2016:  October 2, 2016...the beginning of Jewish Year 5777.  ADD 248 Days and you get exactly:  June 7, 2017.  Coincidence???

A LOT OF PEOPLE ARE LOOKING AT Jewish Year 5777.....for something BIG from the LORD:  The Rapture !! ??

Could "that date" have been hiding in plain sight for the last 8 years???  June 7, 2017 is just over 6 months from now.  We've been waiting 8 years since we first "saw" the 777.68 on Rosh Hashanah 2008.  A LOT has happened since then and we have watched LOTS of prophetic events in those 8 years.  So, I can wait 6 more months until June 7, 2017 to see........

Remember......the Last Days would be like what?  Like birthpangs.......  Our last BIG Birthpang was the period of Rosh Hashanah 2015.  By comparison, prophetic events have been quiet since then!!   

Tic Toc,

BTW:  The "decree" to create Israel was made by the United Nations on Nov 29, 1947.....so 2017 is 70 years.  And Israel will turn age 70 in May, 2018.  So I have had my eyes on these 2 years, Jewish Years 5777 and 5778 for some time now.  (Read the Book: The Divine Calendar and see what the author has to say about Year 5778 !!!   FREE download, Just google The Divine Calendar)

I would expect "events on the ground" in the Middle East, Israel and Iran to continue to get interesting especially with a new US President who should turn out to be the BEST friend in the White House for Israel in the last 70 years!!!!   Picture Netenyahu leading Israel at the same time Trump is leading the USA.  It could be a real Love Fest....so different than when Obama was leading the USA and giving Netenyahu such a bad

2017, Jewish Year 5777 will be:

50 years since the Six Day War when the Jews took back Jerusalem and the Gentiles would no longer be trampling Jerusalem under their feet!
70 years since the United Nations decree to allow Israel to become a nation again.
100 years since the Balfour declaration (11/2/1917) when the British cleared the way for the Jews to go back to their homeland....ISRAEL!

Hmmmmmmm............that is ALOT of time-arrows pointing at Jewish year 5777 !!!  Tic Toc