Michelle (27 Nov 2016)
"A Bad Case of the Opposites"

A Bad Case of the Opposites

I have been suffering from a serious case of the opposites in my assessments of current political events. In fact, I must confess I have been suffering from this sometimes severe ailment since 1994. It has been a debilitating and humiliating affliction to say the least. I have been left out, kicked out, cussed out and shut out of almost every public, social, church and family event since I have contracted these terrible symptoms. Please allow me to demonstrate or explain how this affects me and my wife. Perhaps you can offer a cure for two burnt wicks that are trying to keep a light on in a dark place.

Concerning the election of Donald Trump as the 45th president of the USA, here are some observations that we share with most believers (although it doesn’t make it true):

•    Trump is not perfect but may be the perfect man for this dirty job.
•    Trump is not involved in the elite, esoteric, cultish and globalist agenda (he is not a Luciferian).
•    This has been both a miraculous and providential election process.  
•    America is standing on the edge of her permanent destiny (good or bad for concessions sake).  
•    The US is in bad need of a “swamp draining” or for the criminal traitors to be exposed and punished!
•    The US needs to destroy the web of laws that have negated our Constitutional Republic.
•    Trump’s promises are a repentant turn in the right direction.
•    It seems as if Father has heard the prayers of many believers and granted the US at least a stay of execution of His judgments.
•    We need to put God back into our countries institutions again!

This is obviously a non exhaustive list and is only intended to show a flavor of our common consensus. My wife and I share these and other positions at least in principle, and as expected there is a collective sigh of relief on the faces and in the hearts of the Christian majority. I have witnessed many Christians being rejuvenated and recharged with new hope in a future for themselves and their country. And isn’t that a wonderful thing?

Here is where the opposite disease kicks in:
Something or someone has caused me over the years to look at or consider an “opposite” point of view, or have an “opposite” assessment of the current situation.  Here are some examples of my perspectives or thinking processes as I survey and asses our current national position:
Trump though he may fully intend and or may truly attempt to radically salvage and reverse the effects of 100+ years of globalist, esoteric, shadow government or Luciferian agenda, I cannot help but evaluate the totality of tasks and effort that it would take to affect that reality.  Do we think that these very powerful and technologically advanced ‘per-pa-traitors’ will just stand silent as Trump attempts to undo ten years of their feverish efforts (short of a miracle)? If the mainstream church and the pool of patriots that I was once a part of could see the unbelievably advanced and vastly outnumbering very physically manifested military assets that these ‘per-pa-traitors’ have amassed in storage, I doubt the “faith” or “bravery” they are now displaying would survive.  In case you didn’t know the secret society and the esoteric Luciferians have owned the private companies that have been developing advanced weapons system for our nation since after WW2. So it is only logical that they keep some of the best stuff in their own inventory.      

Now, to the idea that God has raised up Donald Trump as a deliver to our country in response to the nationwide out cry of prayer. This certainly is possible and I should hope and want this to be the case. But guess what? I don’t (opposite affliction kicking in). Now, if I am ANY kind of honest person I have to self diagnose my motives and internal feelings before communicating what THE VAST MAJORITY of Christians would label as defeatism.  I acknowledge there are plenty of personal experience biases that would affect both my reasoning and ability to process the totality of circumstances in order to properly sum these events into a valid perspective. So I now must put that aside and consider what the evidence of events is saying independent of both my and any other contaminators or influences.  Now, another bias to consider that I often need to do away with when interpreting scripture is my locality bias. I seem to continually assume that events being described in prophecy are occurring in this realm or domain and not the real one that Father God dwells in. Which domain is more important in your perspective? Okay, so here is my “Opposite affliction” thinking at work again.

There are many references and comparisons of this time in US history to the time of this nation’s birth. Does the Tea Party movement ring a bell? This is a reference to our situation demanding or needing a revolt of sorts. I have heard many news anchors describing this election as exactly that, a voter’s revolt. In fact, in the counter globalist and patriotic movements they are saying this has prevented a civil war. And even after all the cheating and election fraud efforts, God moved enough voters to overwhelm them. And that certainly could be the case. With great fervor and zeal they are pleading that we all take advantage of the momentum and maintain the initiative to go after those who have destroyed our country. And I must admit it has those old patriotic juices flowing again in me. We want justice! And we want to see good prevail against evil once again! These are all very honorable principles. But did we forget how we got here? Indifference is what allows evil to prosper! As a nation our first indifference was to the things of God. It’s a heart that is satisfied with earthly blessings. That is a heart condition and not a political action.  If prosperity is our God then God wants the idol gone.  But even though God sets up a king and takes one down, that in itself does not reveal to what end.

If only I had not read the accounts of Israel’s destruction in 70 AD: The record of Flavius Josephus in Wars of the Jews.  I remember there was no lack of national zeal, no lack of humanitarian necessity, no lack of national pride and no lack of the feeling that God was with them. Of course it could only be His will for them to regain their national independence as God had promised in scripture! But did they really seek to know what the scripture said? Or did they put something in there that was not there? Or did they take something out of scripture that was not in there? In fact there was much debate on the role of Messiah being present or necessary to pull this off before the revolt began. But Messiah or not they went ahead and experienced a strong temporary success. If you know the history, it only proved to make things worse. And here’s a thought: what did those who knew that only through the Messiah would the promise to Abraham be fulfilled think about that temporary victory? They had better not say it was an effort of the flesh reserved for the most severe destruction in Israel’s history. But that’s exactly what it was. This self delusion was the most terrifying part for me. By then I had almost vomited a number of times as I read what these “good men” had reduced themselves to in order to refuse the judgment of defeat. What Jesus, the Messiah had already decreed to their fathers some 36 years before. The fact was they were fighting God as Gamaliel had warned the Pharisees in the books Acts years prior to this.

You see, I spent most of my Christian life preparing to defend the innocent Americans in this time of trouble that was inevitably on the way. And I took it oh so seriously. You would be shocked. In fact I accused the mainstream church of having a bad case of the “fat and happys!” And I had deep resentments toward Christians for not waking up to the coming darkness that they seem to be turning a blind eye to. It was at a meeting in northern Arkansas in 2009 that after a very disappointing session a very disturbed woman gave me a CD with a man named Chuck Missler written on it. Now I don’t know which was the bigger miracle, the fact that I got it from her, (a hard core militia driven type), or the fact the she like the rest of us were captives of in my estimation one of the most powerful demonic strongholds of our time: Post-Tribulationalism. But God had answered the tearful prayers of both myself and my wife to know what was really going on and why He wasn’t helping us prepare for the tribulation period which we believed was right around the corner. I found out through honest study for myself, that the reason God was not coming through on all our plans and provisions was that we were ignoring what He had already provided as our defense. Evacuation! (The Harpazo). In fact I didn’t know it then but along with many other things our own pride is what kept us in this hopeless darkness. As God as my witness I swear that In those last four years of preparation I constantly complained about the deterioration of character and the neglect of our spiritual health within the groups. In fact, the last meeting was a disaster of argument and dissolution of affiliation between groups.  I stood up and told them all (some very dangerous men mind you) that we wouldn’t have to worry about the government getting us because we’ll be in a well supplied perfectly fortified camp and kill each other! On the long drive home we popped in Chucks CD. And guess what? That began our trip home to the truth! But it cost me and my wife our entire family save each other.

This post has been far longer than I ever intended, but I want to leave you with a conclusion of analysis or a synopsis of thought. I fear that this nation like the Isreal of 70 AD is only proving a hidden truth that I and many others have been unwilling to accept for too long. Is God exposing what we truly love more right before He returns and takes those that belong to Him home? Is our final exam to reveal where we place our trust? Scripture indicates that it will be honor for those rejoicing at His coming and dishonor for those who shrink back at His appearing.  

You see, I am afraid that my real problem in those days was that I really didn’t want to go home. I liked it here. Why? Because I didn’t really know or believe Him. I hadn’t grown to know Him through the window of His word. Because to know Him is to love Him! And to love Him is to trust Him. It was and always has been an issue of trust. “No eye has seen nor ear has heard the things that God has in store for those who love Him.” How could anyone really believe that and want to stay here? Or want those they love to do without that promise? Why did I trust those I loved more in my own hands than in His? And to what end? More years of mediocrity and compromise struggling to keep my head above this river of indifference? Why would any of us want more years of half measures that delay His appearing? Don’t get me wrong my wife and I take advantage of the opportunities that The Lord presents us with as they cross our paths. And we watch out for those small little daily appointments Father has hidden in our day to show the audience of Eph 3:8-12 how He works in His wisdom. However, I am still afraid that Jesus will return to find the majority of Christians not wanting to go home at all.

Please consider this before you rest your hope on the altar of mans efforts.  
And understand this, at some point to be merciful to the wicked, is to be cruel to the righteous!

Painfully submitted – The broken brethren…