Mary (27 Nov 2017)
"360 day years"

Let's think about 360 day years.

And let's remember that 70 is a very biblically significant number.

With those in mind...

Is November 26, 2016 the day to celebrate 70 years?
We talk often about 70 years from May 14, 1948 which we say is 2018  - or 70 years from November 29, 1947 which is 2017. (And take note that both of those events were in the same Hebrew year 5708.)

(November 29, 1947 is when the UN voted to create Israel.)
But what if we look at 360 day years.

70 years of 360 days =
70 x 360 = 25,200 days

Nov 29, 1947 + 25,200 days = Nov 26, 2016
So perhaps in one sense, we will be entering the 70th year in a matter of days.
Just something to think about.
Also, note that the next September Rosh Hashana will be the 70th Rosh Hashana since May 14, 1948.

The Bible speaks of end times by using the idea of a woman in labor. Could God not only be referring to things getting more and more intense – but also possibly be referring to the September 23, 2017 SIGN in the sky of Revelation 12? Could the reference to the labor pains also be a reference to the Sept 23, 2017 woman in labor who gives birth?
Just wondering.

Let's keep looking up!