Jeany (27 Nov 2016)
"Last Christmas and 777"


Hai Doves,
I have visited this website since October 2010 and i am so blessed with all the writings especially in Fivedoves Letters.

I have something to share with all of you but firstly i do apologize for my English isn't so fluent, i do hope you will understand what i say.

I want to testify about my sister, she have had so many visions from God. In 2013 she had vision from God for 2 consecutive months and almost every day she get the visions. i wish i could share the visions but are constrained by my lack of english.  So I try to share with you all this following 2 points :

In December last year (2015) my sister, while she was decorating a christmas tree she heard a voice saying "this is the last christmas". At that time she was in Doha - Qatar and that was her first time experience celebrating christmas in that country.  So, when she heard Holy Spirit said that, she thought that would be the first and the last time for her to celebrate christmas there.  The next day she contacted me and share with me what the holy Spirit told her. Then i told her that coincidentally two days before i have read in fivedoves letters regarding 'last christmas' message spoken by queen elizabeth and pope.  And another coincidence was that i've just found out that a christmas song which i like the tone of the song but i dont know its title, actually its title is "last christmas"... wow what a confirmation.

Another testimony was that for almost the last two months my sister keeps seeing number 77, 777 and even 7777 on cars license plate number, school building, gas station, on truck trailer etc.  And perhaps for the last three weeks it becomes more intense she sees number 777 and/or 7777 every day.  She feels strongly in her heart that God will do something big, but she doesn't know what is that.  And one day, she ask God why He gave her to keep seeing number 777 and Holy Spirit give her scripture from Genesis 7:7  "So Noah, with his sons, his wife, and his sonsí wives, went into the ark because of the waters of the flood."

Times goes by so fast and now we are just days to ended this year 2016.  i don't know what God will do these days left in this 2016, but it would be a God's grace if we were still alive and being in new year 2017.  One thing we all know that Jesus' coming is very very soon.