Ruby (23 Nov 2014)
"To JFH re: great tribulation"

I am going to have to disagree with you jfh.   Yes, the first decades and centuries there was a tribulation.   For some people it was very great.   But that was not the final fulfillment of the Book of Revelation back then.   Our time period is/will be not just great social upheaval and persecution.  It will be accompanied with  1.  The fall of Babylon (worldwide), 2.  Imposition worldwide of a beast system (punishable by death etc), and worldwide natural calamities, including signs in the heavens, asteroids falling to earth from space (etc) and great planetary distress.   Those things, to that degree, DID NOT occur in the first few decades and centuries after Christ.   So, in conclusion, the Book of Revelation to our day, is not really a historical book like so many Christians think.