Richard L. Wills (23 Nov 2014)
"Attention Mathman"


I appreciate all of your contributions to five doves, and especially
wanted to thank you for your "Can't s & Must's" article.  I agree with
you completely.  By the way, I'm the one you referred to as an ancestry
expert re Obama being a distant cousin to Antiochus IV which ties him
to being an Assyrian, he also is a distant grandson of the step father
of NERO which ties him to "of the people of Rome" etc., & in addition,
I found him to have a Jewish connection as a descendant of King David
& one of David's other wives (NOT BATHSHEBA).
I agree exactly in what you are trying to get across here.  I've been
trying to suggest to many the same ideas.  I STRESS SUGGEST (the MAY
or MAY NOT THEORY.)  & I agree with your assesment about the 7 years.


Dr. Richard Wills