Rene (23 Nov 2014)
"re: THE GREAT TRIBULATION - not here yet?

No it isn't and NO, it hasn't.  2/3 of the population of the entire world were NOT decimated when the Jews rejected Jesus and their temple destroyed.  Hordes of demon locusts were not released from the bottomless pit to sting men so that they would have such excruciating pain for FIVE months that they would try to die and death would escape from them. Every person on the planet was NOT assigned a number, nor were they chipped with any type of electronic device in their skin! Nor did they receive any type of MARK in the right hand or forehead at that time. ALL the green grass has not been burned up. The heavens have not rolled up like a scroll. Every living soul in the ocean has not died! All the lakes, rivers and oceans have not yet all turned into blood.  Moses & Elijah have not yet returned.  If you think the Great Tribulation has come and gone, you've got ROCKS for brains!  The Bible says what it means and MEANS what it says!  The Bible says it will be the worst time in history! What happened in Israel after the death of Jesus when the temple was destroyed was NOT the worst time in history! Stop trying to allegorize the Bible or take everything that is in the future and pitch it behind you!  When you do that, YOU are wresting the scriptures to your own destruction! You must RIGHTLY DIVIDE the Word of Truth!