Pam S (16 Nov 2014)
"David Icke and remote viewing"


Several doves have posted links to David Icke.

This letter is to send a "Caution Message" to all doves.

I want to alert all doves that he gets information from a demonic activity called remote viewing. Please look up for yourself what remote viewing is.

I have one link at the bottom of this post, but I encourage doves to do some of the following searches - if not for information for yourself - then for your friends who are promoting this man.

Note that his wikipedia bio is alarming.

I encourage you to do a search of: "David Icke and remote viewing"

Also, do a search of "David Icke 1990 psychic"

Apparently David Icke went to a psychic in 1990, and it changed his idea of his destiny.

There is a thread on his official website about David going to the psychic. The thread was started several years ago, thus giving credibility to this information.

On a search I did, one person called what he did: galactic channeling

Here is one link you might want to read.

God tells us to not even give the appearance of evil. 1 Thessalonians 5:22

This man is not a good avenue for obtaining information.

Blessings to all Doves,