Mike Plunkett (16 Nov 2014)

Will you take a look at this and, if you find it to be of value to the ministry of Jesus Christ our savior, post it on your site. I have no care or cause other than to share what the Lord has given me for the purpose of being a witness to the truth and to fulfill his glory. I feel strongly that God has given me this talent of finding codes in the bible and feel the need to let the world know what is in them. I am only a messenger trying to be a good servant.
Michael Plunkett

Saturday, Nov. 1, 2014


This report is of a CODE found in the Holy Bible. It is about Marshal Law, a term that only appears ONCE in a search of The Keys To The Bible software program!
It is an analysis of the terms found, their dictionary meanings, for the most part, and the English/Hebrew cross reference of each words spelling. You can take the words and apply them to the matrix to find their position and see how they interact with each of the other words.
You will see that there is a DEFINATE pattern and flow to the words.
My analysis starts at the top and goes down, something like this:
Barak Obama is a Demigod to the Arabs. Their (ambit) scope of (ambuscade) surprise attack or place of ambush is in the country of America. Their plan is to make it a (caliboose) a prison. The (blackguard) vile Barak Obama, will desert the country in disloyalty. In a criminal, evil manner, he is working to implement Marshal Law in an (Andante) way or is moving it rather slowly but in a steady moving manner. This is his (apparatus) tool, to use in his (animosity) or violent hatred of Christ. The bride will be (banished) condemned to exile and the (Barley) first fruit harvest of the bible's, (breath) or life, will be taken by this administration. He plans to use Marshal Law to cattle-herd Christians off as (chaff) or worthless matter. This can be understood by a detective.
(Apropos) at the right time, the arrival of the (BELOVED) the greatly loved, will confront the adversary breed. (Census) the count of the people of the country of America, shows this to be the awakening to the TRUTH!
This CODE runs from Isaiah 15:7 to 16:8.
Pray for the Holy Spirit to guide you in your studies and take this matter before the Lord for proper discernment. This report has only scratched the surface of this code, as only the words that begin with a, b, c, d, and the begining of the e's, have been ran through the program. As you can see, we are only seeing a small part of the WHOLE picture. I will update this code as new words are researched and post accordingly.
God Bless,

11-1-14 Marshal Law Bible Code Word Terms

Marshall Law--Absolute governmental rule established by military authority.
Barak Obama--Antichrist.
Administration--The executive part of a government.
Adversary--An enemy.
Ambuscade--A surprise attack; the place of ambush.
Ambit--Sphere of action; scope.
Andante--moving rather slowly but in a steady moving manner.
Animosity--Violent hatred.
Apropos--At the right time.
Arrival--Act of arriving.
Banished--To condemn to exile.
Barley--The firstfruit harvest of the bible.
Beloved--A greatly loved.
Blackguard--Low; vile; to act in a vile manner.
Breed-To increase in number.
Calaboose--A prison.
Cattle-herd--A term used to herd a large number of something from one location to another.
Census--An official numbering of people of a country.
Chaff--Worthless matter.
Christ--The anointed Son of God.
Country--The territory of a nation.
Criminal--Wicked; one guilty of a crime.
Demigod--An entity half human, half angelic.
Desert--To abandon; to leave.
Detective--One who works at detecting and apprehending criminals.
Disloyalty--To fail in allegiance or duty; treacherous.
Evil--Wickedness; depravity; sinfulness.
America--The United States.