Mike Curtiss (23 Nov 2014)
"Telegraphing His Nuclear Punches"


Hi Friends,

How utterly predicable of this psychopath, the man who boasted he had become extremely proficient at automated killing via the Predator drone program in Afghanistan, Pakistan and Syria.
Here, he's struggling with another desperate need of his kind. He has failed in the eyes of the American people and the MM as the POTUS. It must really burn Obama up to be the subject of laughter and derision. So, he's recreated himself as a fortune teller, or post-modern prophet.
I've read about what happens when these personalities fall from grace. They look for anything to grasp hold of to save them from slipping completely out of control. Psychopaths are compelled to do anything to regain their former standing and importance in their community. Normally, these acts only effect the immediate family, or the subjects co-workers.
However, when we are talking about the POTUS, the whole world might be impacted. So, how do we treat these increasingly apocalyptic statements coming from the POTUS. If BHO remains in office for another 26 months, we must expect his behavior will continue to deteriorate. Psychopaths are driven to regain former glory. They must stage events 'still under their power' to assume another vital role in society as a soothsayer. Sadly, it's like a boxer who unknowingly telegraphs his punches.
For example, 13 months ago an interview with the King of Saudi Arabia included a prediction about the rise of ISIS. 'Behind our back', he and BHO were actually supplying weapons to the ISIS movement. He couldn't help himself going on TV to predict the future.
The frightening reality of a nuclear terror attack on the USA has been hinted at in the past. Now, we must entertain the idea he has created yet another FF attack to vindicate himself as the prophet BHO. Nuclear terrorism has moved from the 'possible' column into the 'likely' category. I wonder if the Doomsday Clock has been updated. God help us all.


Michael C.