Mike Curtiss (23 Nov 2014)
"Terror Deaths Rose Sharply in 2013"


Hi Friends,

  In order for you to treat the attached article below as an aspect of Bible prophecy,
it's necessary for a little background review on the subject of terrorism. The original
terror state is revealed to be Babylon. Archeologists who excavated and deciphered 
the royal library were shocked by the barbarity exposed there in exhaustive and 
sickening detail. 
  Until this bloodthirsty dynasty arose in Mesopotamia, terror and officially sanctioned
terrorism is virtually unknown. The crimes of the rulers of Babylon were so extreme, 
researchers at first thought the records had been altered, or exaggerated by an enemy.
Crimes and similar acts of genocide would not be repeated by any kingdom until the 
Mongols brought terror and terrorism back to Asia and eastern Europe 25 centuries
     Today, ISIS and genuine terror has returned to the lands of Babylon where it originated.
The 'bloodlust' and barbarity of IS has so very many similarities to Babylon it's breathtaking.
We are told to expect the rise of the 'Assyrian' who will be far worse than any man known in 
recorded history. In fact we are witnessing the acts of ISIS as a prelude to the introduction
of the man who calls himself the Caliph of Islam, which includes the territories once held by
ancient Assyria, the land of Babylon.
      Examination of the records of death attributed to terrorism have risen dramatically
over the last 2 years. The rise in the number of victims of terrorism concurs with the
sudden appearance of ISIS. The land claimed by the ISIS includes many contested cities
where terror attacks have become commonplace.


Michael C.