Michelle (23 Nov 2014)
"Matthew 24"

This was sent to me from a friend. I thought I would share with all.

 I am not trying to be mean here or condescending in any way , but the parable of "Ten Virgins" is NOT about the Church,  but Israel at following the conclusion of the tribulation period.  If I may I would like to share a little bit with you here.
 The "five wise" virgins represent the "believing remnant" of Israel who are prepared and ready when the Birdegroom returns to the earth at the time of Christ's second advent.   The "five foolish" represents "unbelieving Israel" who isNOT prepared nor spiritually ready when the Bridegroom returns to the earth.
  Matthew 25:1 opens with......"Then."   This adverb "then" is used seven times in Matthew 24 as Jesus unfolds and reveals the tribulation period events to His disciples which unfold in "chronological order" and of which climax and conclude with the second advent of Christ to the earth in Matthew 24:29, 30.  This simple adverb is always pointing to the "next" event which follows another and is always moving forward in time.  Jesus in Matthew 24 is laying out the tribulation events which lead right up to Christ's return.
 Matt. 24:9......."THEN.....they will deliver you up to tribulation ( the Jewish people ), and will kill you ( the Jewish People ), and you will be hated by all nations on account of My name."
 24:15......And this gospel of the "kingdom" shall be preached in the whole world ( During the tribulation period ) for a witness to all the nations, and.......THEN.... the end shall come."
 24:16........THEN .....let those who are in Judeas flee to the mountains."
 24:21.......For.....THEN....there will be a great tribulation, such as has not occurred since the beginning of the world until now, nor ever hsall."
 24:23........THEN....if anyone says to you, Behold, He is in the wilderness.........etc...etc."
 24:30........And....THEN.... the sign of the Son of Man will appear in the sky,  and.....THEN.....all the tribes of the earth will mourn...etc..etc."
 Now Matthew 25:1 opens with........"THEN."  Jesus has returned to the earth in Matthew 24:29,30.  The adverb "Then" in 25:1 continues with God's prophetic program inwhich Christ is going to NOW judge those Jews and Gentiels who survived to the END of the judgment period in order to see who will be allowed "entry" into His earthly kingdom and who will be omitted or cast out.
 The parable of the "Ten Virgins" and the parable of the "Talents" are in reference to "Israel",  and the "sheep and goats" is in reference to the "saved Gentiles" ( who are the sheep ) and the "unsaved Gentiles" ( who are the goats ).  The parable of the Ten Virgins therefore is identifying two groups of Jewish people.  The "five wise" virgins represents "believing Israel" who are saved and who are spiritually prepared and ready when the bridegroom returns.  The "five foolish" virgins are those foolish Jews who are in unbelief and who are Not saved nor prepared spiritually when the bridgeroom returns to the earth. The "door" of the kingdom will be SHUT to them and they will be cast out. 
  Many do NOT know, nor have they observed the importance of the "forward prophetic progression" or movement which Jesus is laying and unfolding in Matthew 24 as they have missed an important clue, which is this little adverb....."THEN."  The next prophetic movement which must happen or take place AFTER Jesus has returned and did "battle with the nations" is that He will send forth His "angels" and regather Israel ( the "elect" in Matt. 24:31 is Israel ).  Those who survive the tribulation period ( saved and unsaved ) must be examined by the Lord in order to see who will enter the millennial kingdom and who will be "denied" because of "unbelief."
 The parable of the "Talents" is also about Israel.  Two of the slaves in the parable were faithful, but the one "wicked slave" went and buried his "talent" in the ground hoping that His master would NOT return and therefore he could go and dig it up and keep it.  Jesus says of this wicked slave ( which represents wicked unbelieving Israel )......"Then you ought to have put my money in the bank, and on my arrival I would have received my money back with interest ( Matthew 25:27 ).  
  What this parable of the "Talents" is teaching is that the "two faithful" slaves represent those Jews who "believed" their "master was going to return" and so they were faithful with what their master entrusted to them and they took his money and multiplied it.  The wicked slave on the other hand did NOT believe that his master would return and so he buried his "one talent" in order to keep it for himself.  Therefore this parable is showing and teaching that when Christ the bridegroom returns He will reward those faithful believing Jews who believed that He was returning and therefore they were rewarded and allowed entry into the kingdom.  The one wicked slave was considered "worthless" he was cast out into "outer darkness" and NOT allowed to enter Christ's kingdom ( Matthew 25:30 )
 So in conclusion here this adverb....THEN....in Matthew 25:1 is simply showing the "next prophetic movement" which must now take place following the Lords return to the earth, which took place back in Matthew chapter 24:29,30.  The Lord has to judge His Jewish people who "endured to the end" of that period as well as judge the remaining residue of the Gentiles who survived the tribulation period in order to see who will be allowed entry into His earthly kingdom, or who will be denied entry.   Matthew 24 and 25 are in chronological order.  Jesus returns in Matthew chapter 24, and then in Matthew 25 He is seen as judging and determining those of His people ( Jewish people ) who will enter His kingdom,  and of the "Gentiles" who will enter His kingdom.
 I hope this helps