Mathman (23 Nov 2014)
"Is the fall of the U.S.A. in Scripture?"


Dear Doves,


The following is a summary of key points and events to expect in the near future based on the four part series I posted on Five Doves in February of this year outlining the HUGE role the U.S.A. will play in the end-times.  The U.S.A.’s role is actually hidden in plain sight, has been for centuries, but has remained largely untapped by so many Bible scholars, including myself, until quite recently.  In reality, the U.S.A.’s role is essentially summarized as follows:


1)   To rise to great power in order to support the rebirth of Israel; and


2)   To fall in horrific fashion as a result of judgment by the Lord for withdrawing this support.


This sudden and terrifying fall of the U.S.A., along with the Rapture that will most likely proceed it, will essentially kick off the Great Tribulation.  While other watchers have seen this too and have written about it, thanks to the Lord supplying many with dreams and visions to illustrate what is to soon happen to the U.S.A., the following represents my personal take on the way I see things unfolding in the very near future based on related Scriptures “hidden in plain sight”:


In evaluating the passages on Modern-Day, or Commercial Babylon, primarily Jeremiah 50 & 51 and Revelations, only the U.S.A. meets the specifications as outlined in the Bible to be the end-times Commercial Babylon.  In other words, the only country not eliminated by applying these requirements to the various countries to see if they are fully met, is the U.S.A.


The U.S.A. is the same Modern-Day Babylon that the New World Order has repeatedly said MUST first fall in order to make way for the end-times One World Government ruled by the Anti-Christ.  However, in contrast, the Anti-Christ will rule via a Babylon-type world-wide system and not really from any particular country (even though he will mock the Lord by setting up a throne in Jerusalem).  This One World Government will also be known as the New World Order, a much more palatable title for Satan, and his earthly Anti-Christ, to “sell” as a solution to those left behind and in great distress.


The start of the end for the U.S.A. will be the Peace Plan currently being pushed.  While the Peace Plan is not in place yet, the U.S.A. will be in huge trouble and her days numbered once it is.  The scenario I see unfolding is a Peace Plan being forced upon Israel that will make her vulnerable to attack.  Israel will resist the implementation of the Peace Plan as a result and the U.S.A. will allow the world to place sanctions on Israel as punishment for this resistance.  Secretly, the U.S.A. will actually be in support of such sanctions as Obama has shown nothing but contempt for Israel and her leadership.  In the worst case scenario, the U.S.A. may even openly support such sanctions.  When this happens, the U.S.A. will soon thereafter experience the full wrath of the Lord.


After helping to push through this Satanic Peace Plan, the U.S.A. will, at first, sit in comfort, feeling as a queen, the inhabitants believing she is invulnerable to attack just as in the first two World Wars.  As a result of this false confidence, U.S.A.’s citizens will grow even more complacent and dependent on big government and the illusion of prosperity allowed by cheap Chinese goods and artificial wealth.


Suddenly, an enemy appears off her largely indefensible shores and decimates the U.S.A. in a sneak attack that makes Pearl Harbor look insignificant in comparison.  In a single day, the U.S.A., the policeman of the World, is rendered powerless.  In a single hour, her great cities, including New York, is decimated.  Those who survive the initial attack will now find themselves ruled by their cruel attackers.  No one will have rest, no one will be safe.  This will be a result of the Lord Himself finally having enough of the U.S.A.’s decrepit ways.  It is God Himself that assembles this massive coalition to attack the U.S.A., using Russia, North Korea, Iran and others as His instrument of destruction, without them even knowing that the Lord’s Hand is over this.


The attack is swift and unexpected and of an unimaginably large scale.  It takes the U.S.A., and indeed the entire world, by complete surprise.  The devastation is catastrophic.  The U.S.A. is eliminated as a superpower in less than a day, her strategic cities decimated and lie in ruins in the first hour.  The attack will be a huge success for the U.S.A.’s enemies, with all operations performed against her completed without setback.  While the world will expect and await retaliation from the U.S.A. against these attacking enemy nations, they will be amazed when there is none.  With the U.S.A.’s military in tatters and the highest-level leadership of the U.S.A. already secretly on board with the New World Order’s agenda to eliminate her (which the NWO would have been planning for decades now), no retaliation comes.


While the citizens of the world has just watched the U.S.A. become utterly desolate, no one sheds a tear for the death of millions of people, but now only worry about themselves.  The leaders in the other countries of the world will suddenly be overcome with immense fear, fretting greatly as to whether or not they will soon even continue to have a country to lead or if they will be next.  The merchants of the world will be petrified by the loss of their main client, resulting in a worldwide depression that will make the 1930’s seem like a walk in the park.  The citizens who watched the horror unfold on newscasts around the globe will suddenly become fearful of potential tyranny coming to their country as well.


As a result, the world will suddenly unanimously react by clambering for a world leader that will rise up and restore the peace and security they just had ripped away from them.  Enter the Anti-Christ, the world all too willing to grant him full control of every aspect of their life.  This man of lawlessness will be more than happy to oblige and will quickly implement One World Government, a New World Order on steroids.  This modern-day Babel will be a place of utter hell for those who remain after the Rapture, but especially for those who now realize they need to follow Jesus and will be persecuted and beheaded for their new belief.


However, just before the Anti-Christ rises, I believe that the overwhelming defeat of the U.S.A. will provide the confidence that spurs Russia to form another coalition that will attempt to wipe out Israel as per Ezekiel 38 and 39.  However, in this case, unlike the U.S.A., the Lord Himself will make sure the ending is not the same for Israel.  As a result of this coalition coming against God’s elect, 5/6ths of Russia and the Middle East forces will be wiped out by God, the Bible exceedingly clear on the punishment for those who come against the apple of the Lord’s Eye, Jerusalem, Israel and her people.  This sudden collapse of Russia, coupled with the destruction of the U.S.A., will help facilitate the rapid rise of the Anti-Christ’s new One World Government.


Summary of predicted order of events


The following is my best guess of the order of events for us to watch for (that being said, I am absolutely hopeful and praying that we won’t be here much past Event 1 or 2, thanks to the Rapture, but hopefully we’ll be gone prior to seeing Event 1):


Event 1:  U.S.A. divides Israel and Jerusalem by being the main force in successfully driving forward an Israel-Palestine peace deal.


Event 2:  When Israel doesn’t comply with the terms of the peace deal as fast as the world’s leaders, including the U.S.A.’s leader, think Israel should (due to Israel’s security concerns due to now indefensible borders), sanctions and boycotts will be levied by the world against Israel, including by the U.S.A. (at least in secret support of them).  These sanctions and boycotts will essentially mirror what the Nazis did to the Jews in Germany.


Event 3:  As punishment from God for their actions against His chosen people, U.S.A. will be utterly destroyed by Russia and her coalition in a sneak attack, the success of their attack guaranteed by God as He will have raised these enemies up for just such a purpose as He has done so many times in history as illustrated several times in the Bible.


Event 4:  Bolstered by their successful destruction of the U.S.A., Russia will then form a new and separate coalition with the Middle East to come against Israel.  After all, Russia will no longer have the U.S.A., Israel’s greatest ally, to be concerned about, the White Queen destroyed, the White King defenseless (or so these forces will believe, a spoil ready for the taking).


Event 5:  When Russia and the Middle East coalition start their military drive against Israel, they will suddenly be utterly destroyed supernaturally by God Himself.  Ezekiel 38 and 39 outlines this destruction clearly, wherein God indicates that but a 1/6th of their forces will remain after the Lord is finished destroying them with His own Hand.


Event 6:  With smoke now billowing from the scorched lands of the U.S.A., Russia and the Middle East, Europe quickly rises from the ashes of these former superpowers to become the world’s most dominant superpower, with only China left to be concerned about.


Event 7:  This New World Order, in reality One World Government, will then institute a leader – the Anti-Christ.  This man of lawlessness will then quickly institute and manage the most brutal regime in the history of mankind.




THE RAPTURE:  The wildcard is when the Rapture will be.  Unfortunately, I cannot derive from the information available in the Bible the precise point at which the Rapture will occur in relationship to the above events, other than to say that we will not be here when the Anti-Christ institutes his One World Government.  As a result, I believe it is wise that we pray with all of our hearts that the Rapture will occur prior to the third event at the very latest, for obvious reasons (although I am sure you will all agree that a today Rapture would work best J).


In case the Rapture continues to be delayed, we should also pray that the peace deal currently being pushed so relentlessly by Kerry (but in reality, by Obama and his handlers) be delayed as long as possible in order for us, the Lord’s Bride, to be as near as possible to the Rapture event.  If the Bride is to remain on Earth when Event 3 occurs, let us pray with all of our hearts that it is only for a very short time.  From Event 3 and on, this world will become unrecognizable and no one will want to still be here.


By the way, it is my opinion that the Rapture may occur on any day or hour.  More specifically, I do not believe that the Rapture is limited to being on a Jewish Feast Day, nor excluded.  In other words, every day of every week of every month of every year is a good day to keep watching.


EUROPE VS. CHINA:  I believe the destruction of the U.S.A., Russia and the Middle East will set the stage for an eventual “Europe vs. China” final conflict.  This Europe-China struggle for world supremacy will boil in the background throughout the entire Tribulation.  Indeed, this on-going struggle for power will set the stage for a monumental battle between East and West as the final event before the Second Coming as outlined in Revelation.


These opposing military giants will gather troops and begin moving towards each other for battle.  However, just before this conflict begins, Jesus Himself returns to Israel, horrifying the leaders of each side.  In an amazing twist of events, these opposing armies will suddenly unite to face Jesus together.  However, Scripture outlines clearly that their resistance will be futile, their complete destruction by His Holy Hands taking but an instant once the Lord begins His conquest.


By the way, it is my opinion that Jesus will return to Israel on some future Feast of Trumpets.  When He does, the opposing armies of Europe and China will unite and amass their armies against Him during the ensuing “Ten Days of Awe”.  I then believe that the destruction of this huge army to end the Great Tribulation will occur on the Day of Atonement.


Scriptural References and Discussions outlining the above


As previously mentioned, the above is a summary of four separate posts published here on Five Doves.  A quick summary and link to each of these posts are provided as follows, wherein scriptural references and discussions outlining the above events are included in detail.


In Part 1 of 4, I identified the U.S.A. as the Modern-Day Babylon, the Commercial Babylon, the only country that meet the four requirements for the Commercial Babylon as outlined in the Bible, linked as follows:


In Part 2 of 4, I explained why the U.S.A. falls and that this is not some random act of aggression, but rather a pre-ordained end-times event orchestrated by the Lord Himself:


In Part 3 of 4, I explained how the U.S.A. will fall, not in a long drawn out process, but in a single hour:


In Part 4 of 4, I explained who will cause the U.S.A. to fall and the world’s reaction, wherein the Lord Himself orchestrated this collapse and destruction, using countries that are hostile to the U.S.A.:


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Brothers and sisters, are you ready to meet the Lord in the sky?  Repent and believe that grace is by faith alone and can ONLY be attained through Jesus Christ.  Get ready and leave the temptations of this world behind and ready yourself as a Bride.


Surely, time is almost up.


YbiC, MathMan