Jovial (23 Nov 2014)
"Code involving "Martial Law""

At , someone posted something they found about a Bible Code involving Martial Law and was interested in some feedback, not knowing what to think of it himself.  We've all seen codes before that were rather "force fit", so good job on being reserved about it and seeing what others thought.

I would not worry too much about this one.  They spelled "Martial Law", pronounced by most americans as "Marshal Law" as "מרסהלל לוו", which is neither a transliteration or a translation.  "Marshall" would not be transliterated as "מרסהלל" but as "מרשל" and there would not be two VAV's (ו) in the other.

The term "Martial Law" could potentially be said more than one way in Hebrew, but my understanding is that it is usually called "מִמִשָׁל צְבָאִי" or "Military Rule" in Israel today.  There are other words mispelled, but I won't bother going through all of them since if this one falls apart the entire code does not really match what it is being promoted as conveying.